A Modern Graphic Retelling of Emma

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By Anne Camlin

Illustrated by Isadora Zeferino

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A teen social media star learns he can’t control everything in this delicious, queer graphic novel adaptation that relocates Jane Austen’s Emma to a modern-day high school in Queens, New York.

Evan Horowitz has it all: beauty, brains, and a not-so-secret flair for matchmaking! An Insta influencer with a talent for makeup and a taste for romance, he’s no stranger to playing cupid for those hopelessly clueless in finding love.

So when shy transfer student Natalia shuffles into school one day, Evan can’t help but get his hands messy! With so many matches to choose from, it’s not long before he sets a plan in motion for Natalia—much against the better judgement of his level-headed best friend, Davi.

But he takes things too far, creating a web of drama that spirals out of his control. Can Evan learn to put the people closest to him before his misguided ambition? Or will he lose them and his own chance at romance, too? 


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Sep 3, 2024
Page Count
264 pages
Little, Brown Ink

Anne Camlin

About the Author

Anne Camlin is a writer of fiction and graphic novels. Originally from Long Island, they live in Connecticut with a small battalion of schnauzers.

Isadora Zeferino is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything creative. She’s been featured on TASCHEN's The Illustrator: 100 Best from Around the World, and in Brazil, she is responsible for the covers of titles, including Howl's Moving Castle; Matilda; The Princess Diaries; and RedWhite & Royal Blue. She invites you to find her on Instagram @imzeferino.

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Isadora Zeferino

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