Murdle Jr.: Curious Crimes for Curious Minds

Solve Your Way Through 40 Puzzle Mysteries!


By G. T. Karber

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Jump on the Murdle craze with hours of immersive puzzle- and mystery-solving fun now for kids! Join four junior detectives—and earn your own Murdle Jr. badge—in this puzzle book packed with illustrations, codes, maps, and mazes.

Go all the way to the top of the elementary school to solve the Mystery of the Missing Pencil. Explore the secret passageways beneath the mysterious Investigation Institute. And uncover the secrets of the spy organization that links them all. And more! All in the classic Murdle format that became an international sensation.

With over thirty mysteries featuring key suspects, locations, clues, and more to enter into a helpful grid, Murdle Jr. is an introduction to a nefarious world kids will love to dive into, using logic and the power of deduction to figure out each whodunnit.


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Nov 26, 2024
Page Count
208 pages

G. T. Karber

About the Author

G. T. Karber grew up in a small town in Arkansas, the son of a judge and a civil rights attorney. As a lifelong mystery fan, he has organized more than forty immersive mysteries in Los Angeles.

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