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Thank you for taking the time to visit Hachette Book Group. We appreciate your interest in our company, our books and authors, and our services. Please find below a list of most frequently asked questions and e-mail addresses to contact with your query.

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Customer Service


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Defective Audiobooks

If you purchased an audiobook on CD and a disc is missing or was defective, please e-mail customer.service@hbgusa.com for a replacement.

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Defective Books

If you purchased a book and discovered it was defective, please e-mail customer.service@hbgusa.com.

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Order Information

Hachette print and ebooks can be purchased via the retailers on our website. Look for the “Buy Book” dropdown menu on any individual book page for more information.

Customer Service offers help with finding specific titles and order status information. You may contact them via e-mail or telephone: 800-759-0190

Booksellers interested in setting up accounts and ordering specific books should send an e-mail to customer.service@hbgusa.com.

For information regarding discounts to corporations, organizations, non-bookstore retailers and wholesalers, mail order accounts, premium sales, and libraries, please e-mail special.markets@hbgusa.com.

For inquiries about the availability of a specific title in the U.S. or overseas, retailers and wholesales, e-mail customer.service@hbgusa.com.

Our catalog is available on Edelweiss.

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Returns Information

What Should I Use This Information For?

This information is for OVERSTOCK returns. If you have received damaged/incorrect items, please call our customer service.

Who Can Return Books?

These addresses are for RETURNABLE accounts wishing to make overstock returns. If an account needs to check if they are returnable or not, they can check with customer service, via e-mail or phone 800-759-0190. Accounts set up as returnable do not need authorization. If you are set up as Non-Returnable, call customer service for assistance.

How Long Can I Return For If I Am A Returnable Account?

Returnable accounts can return any book for any length of time as long as the books are In Print and In Good Condition.

What Is The Returns Address?

For whole copy returns:

Attn: Returns Department
322 South Enterprise Blvd.
Lebanon, IN 46052

For stripped returns ONLY:

Hachette Book Group Retail Sales & Marketing
Attn: Stripped Cover Returns
326 South Enterprise Blvd Lebanon, IN 46052

What Is Strippable?

To tell if an item is strippable, look for an inverted triangle with an (S) in it.

Paperback Books with a retail price of $6.95 or less have Strippable Covers, regardless of product code (can be MM, TR, or PB.)

Calendars are strippable, but the cover with the barcode on it is required.

Please e-mail or call customer service if you need further assistance.

What If I Return Something To You That Is Not Yours?

If you have any doubts as to whether or not something is returnable, check with customer service. We may accept returns on books that are Not our Publication (NOP) or Out of Print (OP) for a short period after they are declared NOP/OP. After that, NOP/OP returns are returned to the customer if the amount received in a CARTON is FIVE or more. If it is below this amount, the books are destroyed.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding whether or not something can be returned, please contact customer service (800-759-0190).

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School and University Desk Copies

Hachette Book Group is pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any adopted, required text for qualified instructors at accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Complimentary examination copies are also available to instructors who wish to consider our titles for adoption. All Requests are subject to approval and stock availability.

Please visit www.hachetteacademic.com for instructions on how to submit your request. If you require further assistance, please contact academic@hbgusa.com.

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Contacting an Author

Although we receive a great number of requests, we’re not able to release contact information for any of our authors. If you’d like you can send a standard letter to any Hachette author, addressed as follows:

[name of the author]
c/o Author Mail
Hachette Book Group
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

We cannot guarantee a response from any individual author.

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Can I Lend My Voice for Audiobook Recordings?

We appreciate the many inquiries we receive in this area. However, at this time Hachette Audio does not accept unsolicited demos. Hachette Audio uses mainly celebrity readers and industry professionals for our titles, and many times the author reads his or her own work.

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How Does HBG Pick Content for Audiobook Titles?

Hachette Audio produces audio programs based on best-selling books published by the Hachette Book Group. Some of the key factors that we consider when choosing our list are: commercial appeal, book sales and promotion, and the genre popularity of topics covering self-help, humor, business, and mainstream fiction.

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Manuscript Submissions and Unsolicited Queries

Publishers in the Hachette Book Group are not able to consider unsolicited manuscript submissions and unsolicited queries. Many major publishers have a similar policy. Unsolicited manuscripts, submissions, and queries will not be answered and the publisher will have the right to destroy any unsolicited material or mail without returning to the sender.

If you are interested in having a manuscript considered for publication, we recommend that you first enlist the services of an established literary agent. Many literary agencies can be located in Bowker’s Literary Market Place (commonly known as the “LMP”), an annual reference publication which can be found in most major libraries. These literary agencies, in turn, have guidelines for submitting manuscripts. You can find out more about the LMP at Literary Market Place.

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Copyrights and Permissions Inquiries

If you would like permission to use material from a Hachette Book Group product, please fill out this form..

Please note that we do charge for permissions, and given the high volume of requests, it can take a few weeks for us to respond. If you deem a usage to fall under “fair use” as established by the U.S. Copyright Office, you do not need to request permission from us

For prop use, please fill out this form.

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Subrights Inquiries

For sub-rights (audiobook licensing, British and translation rights, dramatic rights, and large–print book rights), please send the information above and your request to:

Little, Brown and Company: LBrights@hbgusa.com

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers: rights@lbchildrens.com

Grand Central Publishing: GCPrights@hbgusa.com

Perseus Books:
International Rights Questions – Perseus.international@hbgusa.com
Domestic Rights Questions – Perseus.domestic@hbgusa.com

Workman Publishing Group: international.inquiries@workman.com

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Publisher’s Release Form

If you require a Publisher’s Release Form, please e-mail your requests to pubrelease@hbgusa.com. We will send you Hachette Book Group’s standard Publisher’s Release Form. Please be sure to include the following to your request:

  • Producer Name
  • Title of Book
  • Author
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Problems Viewing the Site/Technical Problems

Please contact website feedback at websitefeedback@hbgusa.com with details of your issue and someone will get back with you within 24 – 48 hours.

For best performance, we recommend that you update your browser. Download the latest below:

For help with Mac problems, visit Apple.com

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Titles Not Found on the Site

When a title goes “Out of Print,” it means that it is no longer being produced and cannot be purchased from the publisher any longer. You may try searching for Out of Print tiles at a used book store, and many online booksellers offer searches for out of print titles as well.

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Editions and Other Copyright Page Information

On the copyright page of books, “First edition” means that this is the first time the book has been published. The numbers below that counting down from 10 indicate the number of the current printing, identified by the lowest number. For example, if a book carries the line “First edition” and the numbers below are 10 9 8 7, that indicates the seventh printing of the first edition.

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Locations Outside the Continental U.S.

Hachette Book Group is part of a large global publishing company, Hachette Livre. You may visit their website and learn about all of their divisions here: Hachette.com