Really Rich

The Ten Future-Proof Behaviors that Create Wealth


By Nicholas Crown

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From viral social media phenomenon Nicholas Crown, who’s “Rich vs. Really Rich” series has grown a following of over 3 million across social media platforms, comes a modern formula for building wealth in today’s economy based on ten points that include habitual kindness, optimizing quality of life over dollar amounts, and eight other revolutionary and timely principles.
Really Rich is a timely work of prescriptive finance by social media influencer and entrepreneur Nicholas Crown. Crown shows established, and future generations of businesspeople that without the social grease of kindness, coupled with a financial model that views the world as a “non-zero-sum game,” immeasurable value would be robbed from society and innovation would grind to a halt. In Really Rich, Crown provides readers with an original, ten-point formula for building wealth and happiness: 

   1.  Create Value: Get rich by making someone else's life easier
   2.  Understand that time is priceless
   3.  Optimize for quality of life, not a dollar amount
   4.  Kindness is an accelerant to wealth
   5.  Humility is the boundary between rich and really rich
   6.  Rudeness robs value from society
   7.  The market decides what's valuable
   8.  Iterate until someone starts clapping
   9.  Obsession with status impedes growth
  10.  Lean on creativity to become future-proof 

Really Rich offers an appealing message for a young personal finance audience. With more than 2M+ followers across multiple platforms, Crown encourages his mostly Gen Z and Millennial audience to embrace three foundational points: (1) humility, rather than hoarding or cutthroat competition; (2) iteration, or calmly moving through a series of failures until one works, is the cornerstone of success; and (3) the world, due to continuing advances in technology and communication, is now a non-zero-sum game in which everyone can contribute to the growth of an ever-expanding economic “pie” without taking resources from another.  


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Jan 28, 2025
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Nicholas Crown

About the Author

Nicholas Crown is a top voice on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, best known as the creator of the viral social media series “Rich vs Really Rich.”  As both a social media influencer and serial entrepreneur with experience in financial markets, startups, consulting, and digital growth hacking, he shares his uncommon Rich vs. Really Rich perspective online via entertaining short skits, educational modules, podcasts, and a growing, long-form newsletter.  He's also the founder of multiple startups spanning FinTech to AI and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes, for his perspective on global finance and the creator economy.  He began his career as a fixed income trader in London.

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