Chinese Mythology

Legendary Tales of Heaven, Earth, Humanity, and Beyond


By Aaron Hwang

Illustrated by Adela Li

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Step into the magical and rich world of Chinese mythology with tales of gods, goddesses, the Monkey King, the White Snake, and more in this gorgeous, fully illustrated collection of myths and fairy tales.

Do you know how the world began? Or why there is wind and rain? Have you ever felt lucky and wondered where luck comes from? Are you curious about the unseen and unknown?
People have been asking these questions for thousands of years, with different cultures coming up with different answers to explain the universe. The myths in Chinese Mythology date back to ancient China, where the Jade Emperor ruled from the Heavens alongside other deities, and when the world was filled with supernatural figures, including snake-women, animal tricksters, ghosts, demons, dragons, and more. Journey through the world's creation and the rule of heaven to the powerful shaping of earth and the rise of humanity in these stunning, exciting, and mystical tales from China, written by the author of A Kid's Guide to the Chinese Zodiac and illustrated in stunning, bright, magical pictures.


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Dec 17, 2024
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112 pages
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Aaron Hwang

About the Author

Aaron Hwang is a graduate of Yale and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He teaches creative writing at the University of Iowa.

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