The Exorcist Files

True Stories About the Reality of Evil and How to Defeat It

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By Father Carlos Martins

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Listeners of The Exorcist Files, Father Carlos Martins' blockbuster podcast of 9 million downloads and counting, are familiar with the tactics and deceptions the Devil uses to gain control over our lives. In his much anticipated, debut book of the same name, Father Martins goes even deeper to expose evil and to show us how to defeat it.

In this pioneering book for believers, nonbelievers, and anyone curious about the supernatural, renowned exorcist Father Carlos Martins shares his real-life case files of exorcism. Each chapter opens with an account of demon possession and describes Father Carlos’s unique process of defeating evil and healing the victim in that specific case. In his almost two decades in ministry, Father Martins has encountered evil in nearly every way imaginable and has battled the serpent in many forms. 
From witchcraft and pagan practices to pornography and even emotional trauma, evil looks for any opening into our lives with the purpose of causing us pain and destruction. Because so many of us have a foot in both world’s—God’s and the Devil’s—we’re easy targets for the Devil’s wiles. The Exorcist Files uncovers the 2,000-year-old Catholic ministry of exorcism that equips Father Carlos with discernment for identifying evil. But first he partners with psychologists and doctors to differentiate mental and physical illness from demon possession. When its evident that demonic influences are present, Father Carlos wages the difficult and complex spiritual battle over the victim’s soul until the victim is free.
Differentiating myths from the reality of evil, Father Carlos wants to teach us how to identify it, how to protect ourselves against it, and ultimately how to defeat it so that we remain in the safety of God.



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Nov 19, 2024
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Father Carlos Martins

About the Author

FATHER CARLOS MARTINS is an itinerant minister called to the work of exorcism and healing. His experience and knowledge have made him one of the most renowned experts on the “supernatural” worldwide. His blockbuster podcast, The Exorcist Files, launched in January 2023, with true stories from his case files and reached 4 million downloads in only 10 months. 
     Once an atheist, Father Martins discovered Jesus Christ and the Christian faith as an undergraduate in college. Now an Catholic priest and expert on demonic activity and the supernatural, he travels internationally. He founded Treasures of the Church, a Vatican  ministry sharing the relics of the saint after being appointed to Curate of Relics, or Custos Reliquiarum, with the authority to issue relics. The tour attracts large crowds, reaching to millions domestically and internationally in churches, schools, and prisons. He also serves as a consultant to the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints, the Vatican department charged with saint-making, and was designated by Pope Francis as a Missionary of Mercy, a rare privilege of serving as a papal delegate with worldwide jurisdiction.

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