Holmes Is Missing

Patterson's Most-Requested Sequel Ever

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By James Patterson

By Brian Sitts

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Brilliant detective Brendan Holmes has gone missing, and so have newborn babies across New York City. Can Margaret Marple and Augustus Poe use their legendary skills to save the childrens’ lives and, while they’re at it, rescue Holmes?

Success has come quickly to Holmes, Marple & Poe Investigations, a Brooklyn-based elite team of three detectives with famous names and mysterious pasts. 

At two a.m., Auguste Poe, the “muscle” of the trio, speeds across the Williamsburg Bridge toward a fresh NYPD crime scene, called by Detective Helene Grey. His passenger, Margaret Marple, is the “eyes” of their operation—a PI whose contact list is rivaled only by her keen powers of observation.  

Six infants are missing. 

So is the “brain” of their agency, Brendan Holmes. 

When the two PIs arrive at the scene, they’re confronted by a perplexing abduction case. 

Poe whispers to Marple, “Of all the times to be one brain short!” 

If only they could consult with the errant Holmes—before the kidnappers strike again.

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Jan 6, 2025
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352 pages

James Patterson

About the Author

James Patterson is the most popular storyteller of our time. He is the creator of unforgettable characters and series, including Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Jane Effing Smith, and Maximum Ride, and of breathtaking true stories about the Kennedys, John Lennon, and Princess Diana, as well as our military heroes, police officers, and ER nurses. He has coauthored #1 bestselling novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton, told the story of his own life in James Patterson by James Patterson, and received an Edgar Award, ten Emmy Awards, the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation, and the National Humanities Medal.

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