The Elements Notebooks

Set of 3 Life-Sustaining Ruled Notebooks


By Theodore Gray

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The beautiful, vivid imagery of Theodore Gray’s The Elements now graces this irresistible set of 3 paper-bound notebooks, perfect for students and science enthusiasts of all ages.

Each of the 3 notebooks in this set features a different stunning image of an element of the periodic table on its cover, drawn from the iconic photographs found in The Elements. These three elements–Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon–are the most essential and life-sustaining atoms in the universe. Their imagery is sure to inspire you to organize the daily chaos sustained in your own life. Approach everything from grocery lists and packing lists, to homework assignments, daydreams, doodles, and all those dreadful To-Do’s with a renewed sense of order and awe for the world around you.

This set includes:
3 saddle stitched 48-page notebooks.
Ivory woodfree paper.
Matte varnish covers.
Packaged together with a belly band.


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Apr 9, 2019
Page Count
48 pages
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Theodore Gray

About the Author

Theodore Gray is the author of The ElementsMolecules, and Reactions as well as Theodore Gray's Completely Mad Science, How Things Work, and Engines. He is the creator of the bestselling iPad apps "Elements" and "Molecules," which have both been named App of the Week by Apple, and he was the director of "Disney Animated," also honored by Apple as iPad App of the Year. He co-founded Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of the widely used software Mathematica and the the Wolfram Alpha website. He lives in Urbana, Illinois.

Nick Mann is a photographer specializing in taking beautiful photos of inanimate objects on black backgrounds. His other work includes The ElementsMolecules, ReactionsHow Things Work and Engines. In his other life, he designs and makes specialized note-taking fieldwork equipment and he works in the quality control department for a large automotive company. He lives in Urbana, Illinois.

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