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Meet the RP Editorial Team

Kristin Kiser is Senior Vice President and Publisher of The Running Press Group and is a member of the Executive Management Board at Hachette Book Group USA. Her imprints include Running Press, comprised of Running Press Adult, RP Kids, RP Studio, and RP Minis; Black Dog & Leventhal; and Avalon Travel, which includes Rick Steves and Moon Travel Guides. The Running Press Group publishes a wide variety of adult illustrated titles and select reading books in categories including film, TV, performing arts, and other pop culture; mystical and magic-adjacent; body/mind/spirit; science; reference; humor; lifestyle; art; gift; and travel. The kids’ list includes illustrated reference, board books, picture books, and middle grade and young adult nonfiction and fiction aligned with categories on the adult list. The RP Studio and RP Minis lines include a wide range of decks, including tarot, oracle, and trivia decks; advent calendars; journals and some stationery formats; toys; games; and collectibles. Running Press also works with a wide variety of licensed partners across all of its imprints, with products from more than 80 different brands, such as Harry Potter, DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, Bob Ross, Sanrio, and many more.

Kristin originally joined Running Press and The Perseus Book Group as VP and Publisher in 2015 and came to HBG when Hachette acquired Perseus in 2016. Before that she was Deputy Publisher at Rodale, Associate Publisher at Hyperion/ABC-Disney, and Editorial Director at Crown Publishers, after an early career as a nonfiction editor.

Jennifer Leczkowski (she/her) is Director of RP Minis and Licensing at Running Press. Jennifer joined the company two decades ago and has enjoyed a variety of editorial positions over the years, ranging from Associate Editor to Managing Editor to Director of our unique RP Minis line. Jennifer oversees the development and growth of the RP Minis list and of our licensing programs across the RP Minis, RP Adult, RP Kids, RP Studio, and Black Dog & Leventhal imprints.

Julie Matysik (she/her) is Editorial Director of Running Press Kids. She acquires books for all younger readers, from board book through young adult, with a focus on LGBTQ+ celebratory themes, inclusive, uplifting stories, licensed picture books, and seasonal titles. Her acquisitions include Sugar in Milk by New York Times bestselling author Thirty Umrigar and illustrated by Khoa Le; Pink Is for Boys by Robb Pearlman and illustrated by Eda Kaban; The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish by Lil Miss Hot Mess and illustrated by Olga de Dios; Just Feel and Just Be You by wellness expert Mallika Chopra; Ghostbusters: A Paranormal Picture Book; and more. Before joining the Running Press team in 2016, she was the editorial director at Sky Pony Press, where she worked with Julian Lennon, Iza Trapani, Brendan Powell Smith, and Amalie Howard.

Shannon Connors Fabricant (she/her) is Editorial Director for the RP Inspires and RP Studio lists at Running Press. She acquires a range of nonfiction books, decks, and ancillary products for adults, with a particular focus on body/mind/spirit, lifestyle, creative self-help and wellness, cocktail, gift, and select art titles. She is passionate about the intersection of content and package, and is drawn to projects with distinct aesthetic visions, unique and authoritative voices, and a strong sense of place—as well as the possibility of living in multiple formats across lists. Her acquisitions include Practical Magic by Nikki Van De Car; Queer Tarot by Ash + Chess; The Night School by Maia Toll; Signs & Skymates by Dossé-Via Trenou; Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont; Art Hiding in New York by Lori Zimmer and Maria Krasinski; A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women) by Danielle Krysa; and The Cocktail Workshop by Steven Grasse and Adam Erace. Prior to joining Running Press in 2016, she was part of the editorial team at Abbeville Press, where she edited books on fine art, photography, and cocktails.

Cindy Sipala (she/her) is Editorial Director for RP Entertains at Running Press. Her passion for classic Hollywood has led to a robust series of film-related books, including the ultimate guide to film noir, Dark City by Turner Classic Movies host Eddie Muller; Hollywood Black by award-winning historian Donald Bogle; and This Was Hollywood, based on the viral Instagram account by Carla Valderrama. She’s always looking for authors who bring fresh perspectives and tell the tales of hidden pockets of not just film but entertainment subjects in general. Her interest in more modern pop culture is seen in her management of Running Press’s long-standing Wizarding World series; a program of titles with the Bob Ross estate; and one of her most beloved projects of all time, the Britney Spears Oracle. Cindy is also interested in lifestyle books, like the Booze & Vinyl series published with Andre and Tenaya Darlington and Ignite Your Light by Jolene Hart.

Jordana Hawkins (she/her) is a Senior Editor and Licensing Manager at Running Press. She works primarily on RP’s licensing program with brands like Hello Kitty and Friends, Queer Eye, The Office, Friends, Gudetama, Pusheen, and more. She also acquires a selection of non-licensed books and stationery products in the pop culture, humor, lifestyle, cocktail, and illustrated gift book categories. Recent acquisitions include Tequila Mockingbird: 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition by Tim Federle, BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, Drinking with My Dog and Cocktails with My Cat by Natalie Bovis, Clueless: The Official Cookbook by Kim Laidlaw, This Is Christmas, Song by Song by Annie Zaleski, and Life in the Present by Liz Climo.

Allison Cohen (she/her) is a Senior Editor at Running Press Kids. She acquires fiction and nonfiction in the picture book and middle grade space, in addition to select young adult fiction. Her acquisitions include I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids by Nyasha Williams; The Junior Witch’s Handbook by Nikki Van De Car; The Signs and Wonders of Tuna Rashad by Natasha Deen; Peculiar Primates by Debra Shumaker; and There’s No Ham in Hamburgers by Kim Zachman, to name a few. Prior to joining Running Press Kids, she was a literary agent and represented both adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction.

Shannon Kelly (she/her) is a Senior Editor at Running Press. She acquires books, decks, and other projects for adults in categories including magical and mystical, wellness, pop culture, humor, gift, lifestyle, and cocktail. She is drawn to offbeat points of view, voices with attitude or an edge, and modern takes on familiar subjects. Her acquisitions include Gentle Chaos by Tyler Gaca, also known as Ghosthoney on TikTok; Make Your Own Magic by amanda lovelace; Weed Witch by Sophie Saint Thomas; and Cat Lady by Hannah Hillam. Prior to joining Running Press, she was on the editorial teams at Abrams and Viking Penguin, where she worked with authors including Ziwe, Elaine Welteroth, Abbi Jacobson, Henry James Garrett, and Shelby Lorman.

Randall Lotowycz (he/him) is an Editor at Running Press. He focuses on pop culture, humor, and licensed projects in both book and kit formats. He’s drawn to smart and lively adult nonfiction with unique and diverse voices championing fun and offbeat information. His acquisitions include Heck Yeah, It’s Peacemaker by Stephanie Williams; TCM’s Hollywood Pride by Alonso Duralde; The De Palma Decade by Laurent Bouzereau; Oh Bother: Winnie the Pooh Is Confused, Too by Jennie Egerdie; and the This is Fine Mini Kit by KC Green.

Britny Perilli (she/they) is an Associate Editor at Running Press. She acquires adult and children’s nonfiction books and other projects in categories including licensing, fandom, pop culture, and gift, as well as select middle grade and young adult fiction. She is interested in unique and interactive formats, passionate and accessible voices, and diverse perspectives on pop culture and fandom. Her acquisitions include Dungeons & Dragons: How to Be More D&D by Kat Kruger; Fight, Magic, Items by Aidan Moher; Gamer Girls by Mary Kenney; A Kid’s Guide to Tabletop RPGs by Gabe Hicks; The Choices seriesby Zachary Sergi; and Roll for Initiative by Jaime Formato.

Ada Zhang (she/her) is an Associate Editor at Running Press. She loves nonfiction titles that subvert or challenge mainstream narratives or that explore age-old topics in new and surprising ways. She acquires revisionist history, gift and lifestyle, journals and workbooks, decks and paper products, and humor—especially if illustrated, design-forward, or highly giftable. Recent acquisitions include Historically Black: American Icons Who Attended HBCUs by Alonzo Vereen; The Chinese Zodiac: And Other Paths to Luck, Riches & Prosperity by Aaron Hwang; Surviving Your Saturn Return: A Guided Journal to Help You Thrive by Phoebe Fenrir; Trickster’s Journey: A Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Jia Sung; and K-Drama School: A Pop Culture Inquiry Into Why We Love Korean Television by Grace Jung.

Maria Riillo (she/her/ella) is an Assistant Editor at Running Press. She acquires across categories including lifestyle, mystical, humor, and gift. Her primary focus is pop culture and entertainment with an emphasis on theatre, film, and music. She is seeking inventive formats, bold voices, and original stories, and she is always looking for ways to increase diversity in publishing and expand access for underacknowledged peoples.

Maria Simione (she/her) is an Editorial Assistant at Running Press. Since starting at RP in August of 2022, Maria has gotten to conjure up some magic by working on mystical titles like the forthcoming Candle Magic and Mini Magic Bell Mini Kit. She enjoys working on projects that spark magical creativity, inspire people to make the world around them better, and offer lighthearted humor. Prior to joining the Running Press team, Maria was an editorial intern at Andrews McMeel Publishing, where she spent time with manuscripts by authors including amanda lovelace, Billy Chapata, and Rupi Kaur.