13 Great Books About Mythology


Before such epic stories like Harry Potter, or the works of Charles Dickens, or before even Shakespeare put his quill to parchment, there were the stories of the gods. In fact, works like Harry Potter, or Shakespeare, wouldn’t exist without these myths. Myths existed to explain how many things in the world came to be. It’s a custom throughout cultures all over.

In many cultures, there were mythological gods. And they weren’t always very nice. Take the Greek and Roman mythology gods. (Yes, the Romans co-opted several Greek gods, but not all of them.) Their gods were often vengeful, jealous deities, behaving like vicious, petulant little children. They were forever spying on humans, and tricking them, all for their own amusement. Still, their stories are wildly fascinating, and the source of thousands of works throughout the years. You could say they inspired fanfiction.

How many mythology stories are you familiar with? I bet Juno more than you realize. Whether you’re interested in learning about different mythologies or looking to brush up on them, Hera several books about mythology, plus some fabulous cards, to get you started.


Mythological Reads for Adults:

Mythological Reads for Teens:

Mythological Reads for Kids:




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