Paint by Sticker: Zodiac

Create All 12 Zodiac Signs One Sticker at a Time

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By Workman Publishing

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The multimillion-copy Paint by Sticker series meets the hotter-than-ever subject of astrology.

Paint by Sticker: Zodiac contains everything you need to create 12 totally unique polygon paintings of the astrological signs—simply find a sticker (for example, A1), place the sticker in the spot labeled A1 on the corresponding sticker map, and watch your art come to life, sticker by colorful sticker. There are Libra's golden scales; Leo the fearless lion; Sagittarius the bold archer; and more. Plus the card-stock pages are perforated, so every finished piece can be easily removed for gifting or display.


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Sep 3, 2024
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Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing

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