Five Feel-Better Activities For When Kids Get The Blues

Sadness is something we all experience, and this past year has been tough on everyone. We  all work through our emotions in different ways, and it’s important to help kids find and develop their own coping skills. 


 The following five activities are all designed to help children find ways to feel better when they’re down. Whether through art, movement, cooking, or just taking deep breaths, these ideas all encourage kids to practice taking a few moments for themselves and their thoughts.


Cat, Cow, and Cobra


Here are a series of simple yoga poses appropriate for kids of all ages. These poses help relieve physical tension by stretching the back, neck, shoulders, and spine and encourage kids to examine how their feelings affect their body. By combining gentle movement with purposeful deep breaths, kids can practice uniting body and mind to find a place of inner calm.


Download the Cat, Cow, and Cobra Pose How-Tos from Just Breathe



Balm Against Disappointment


We love this activity, because it both acknowledges how hard disappointment can feel and gets kids active by making a recipe for an herbal oil that they can rub on their hands to soothe themselves. It can take a few weeks to brew for the full effect, but the results are a gentle, comforting salve. Magic!


Download the Balm Against Disappointment recipe from The Junior Witch’s Handbook




Proud Moment Meditation


This simple meditation is all about pride: thinking about a moment when you know you did your best. Kids are encouraged to identify the feeling of pride and associate it with a color, then imagine the color spreading through their bodies. In the words of Mallika Chopra, “Let the pride seep into every fiber of your being!”


Download the Breathe in Proud Feelings meditation from Just Breathe





Well-Being Wheel


For older children going through a difficult time, it can be helpful to take a look at the bigger picture. This activity encourages kids to look at all the things they need in order to thrive and figure outwhere they are well supported, and where they might be struggling. Thinking about all the different factors that go into health and well-being (for example: getting enough sleep, having enough quiet time, or getting to study something interesting at school) helps kids understand where feelings come from and what can help them feel better.


Download the Well-Being Wheel activity from Just Be You



Going Fronanas!


It doesn’t work all the time, but occasionally a little treat takes care of a big, bad mood. This recipe from teen chef Amber Kelley is a healthy feel-good snack that older kids can make on their own, once they’re ready to practice “knife skills” with a butter knife. A pop of peanut butter, chocolate, and banana might be all it takes to turn the day around.


Download the Fronanas recipe from Cook with Amber





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