A grounded-yet-enchanted deck and guidebook set to cultivate empowerment, creativity, resilience, and healing, from celebrated cut-paper artist and creator of the Resilience Alchemy system Maude White.

What is “resilience alchemy”? Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back. Alchemy is a magical process of transformation, combination, or creation. And Resilience Alchemy is a support system designed to help us perform the inner alchemy of resilience. This soothing, practical, imaginative deck and guidebook set fosters meditation, healing, strength, and open-mindedness through 83 cards and an accompanying interactive guidebook, featuring soothing baths of color and simple line illustrations to spark creativity.
  • DELUXE SET: This set includes 83 beautiful cards (3 X 5 inches); a 224-page, fully illustrated guidebook (4 ¾ X 6 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box.
  • BREATHTAKING CUT PAPER ARTWORK BY MAUDE WHITE: The entire set is gorgeously illustrated in Maude White's signature cut-paper style against a beautiful spectrum of soothing colors.
  • IMMERSIVE WORKBOOK TO GUIDE YOUR PRACTICE: Within the workbook, each element of the 83-part system (divided among the Sisterhood, Remedies, and Gifts) is explored with journaling prompts, thoughtful exercise ideas, card spreads to pull, and space to make the workbook useful and relevant in the user’s life.
  • UNIQUE, POWERFUL SYSTEM: The Resilience Alchemy system is based on the idea that in order to be empowered and resilient we must sometimes rearrange and rethink certain aspects of our lives. This set provides us with the toolkit of ideas to help us do this, and through the rearrangement and recombination of the cards in Resilience Alchemy, real change (or an “alchemical” reaction) can occur.

Whenever we find ourselves unsure or doubtful, or needing to ask tough questions, we may turn to the Resilience Alchemy system to generate answers and uncover solutions from within.

A note on packaging: In order to help honor our planet and reduce waste, we have only shrink wrapped the interior cards, rather than the keepsake box. Please feel confident that your product is not defective or used, but rather represents a step we are taking to protect our collective home. When you open your deck, you will find that the actual cards inside the box are shrink wrapped for protection and to ensure first use by the buyer.

What's Inside

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