Books to Inspire You in the New Year

New Year. New You. Every year, people make new years resolutions, but it becomes challenging to maintain these goals throughout the year as life throws its many curve balls. These books may help. From a self-care journal to an educational book guiding you toward an orgasm to cookbooks that can help with chronic inflammation, these books can help you at any stage of your life with whatever goals you have in mind. Whether it’s to maintain your new year goals or to learn something new, these experts can guide you closer to living your best self.


With beautiful illustrations, entertaining activities, and writing prompts, this interactive journal is easy to use and help you carve out a couple minutes of self-care every day. The journal touches upon topics like your bucket list, current style, travel, and goals to help you keep your New Year resolutions throughout the whole year.


Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s Younger You program showed readers how to shave off three years from their bio age through nutrition and lifestyle. Now partnered with certified nutrition specialist Jill Sheppard Davenport, they share recipes that not only comply with the YY program but are adaptable to any other eating program and are allergy-free friendly. These easy, flavorful broths can be boosted with add-ins to maximize nutrition and healing benefits.


Therapist Jake Eagle and chronic pain specialist Michael Amster share their simple, yet extraordinary, mindfulness practice that turns mundane moments into awe-inspiring experiences and reach a heightened state of consciousness. Attention, Wait, Exhale and Expand—or A.W.E—is a five- to fifteen-second, three-step process. It’s a type of “microdosing mindfulness” practice that Is supported by research conducted at UC Berkeley. This motivational book is accessible to all and can give you the benefits from mindfulness, which includes improvement of well-being and reduction of stress, anxiety, and pain.


Sometimes the best self-care comes from going on a getaway. Readers can take some time out of their everyday lives to travel the safaris of Zambia or the cities of Italy, all within the comforts of their home. Filled with anecdotes, inspirational quotes, and lush images, Why We Travel will inspire future trips and rekindle a sense of curiosity for the world.


In this educational book, sex education experts Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller will help you find the pleasure from within. This guide includes how to have an orgasm during penetration, directions on finding your way to the G-spot, best advances in sex toy technology, and so much more that will be informative for beginners and aficionados alike. With Maybe Murke of the Transgender Training Institute, they’ve created the most inclusive book on sexual pleasure available now.

Emily Hoang is a writer and editor, who is obsessed with haunted houses, ghosts, and dreams. More info can be found on her website.