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The Power of Awe

Overcome Burnout & Anxiety, Ease Chronic Pain, Find Clarity & Purpose—In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day

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Discover a clinically proven way to reduce inflammation, stress, loneliness, and burnout while improving overall well-being
Research has proven that mindfulness improves well-being, reduces stress, anxiety and pain. But for some, the practice itself feels challenging and inaccessible. That’s where the A.W.E. Method comes in. In The Power of Awe, therapist Jake Eagle and chronic pain specialist Michael Amster, MD, share their extraordinary yet simple mindfulness practice that turns ordinary moments into awe-inducing experiences, helping you effortlessly achieve a heightened state of consciousness usually reserved for seasoned practitioners of mindfulness—all within a matter of seconds.

The A.W.E. Method is a powerful prescription for immediate and expansive personal and spiritual growth. It is fast and simple, requiring as little as five seconds and only three short steps:
Attention: give your focus fully to something you value or find amazing
Wait: take a deep breath and appreciate the object of your attention—a person, cherished object, nature, or an even an idea
Exhale & Expand: as you exhale slowly, allow whatever you are feeling to expand and grow

Experiencing awe does not require any demanding discipline or skills or “awesome” settings. The A.W.E. Method ensures that awe and its many benefits are accessible to you at any time, in any place— sitting at a stoplight, cooking a meal, petting an animal, and listening to a loved one’s laugh.

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The Power of Awe is an extraordinary book. . . . that helps us cultivate the fuller treasures and lifetime benefits of this gem of an emotion. Through practical methods of accessing awe at any moment, along with keen existential insights, this book takes us a major step toward a revitalized consciousness that is needed now.”—Kirk J. Schneider, PhD, author of Awakening to Awe, The Spirituality of Awe, and The Depolarizing of America: A Guidebook for Social Healing
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