Junior, the first dog author to top the New York Times Bestseller list, leads the canine heist of the century—to fetch the ultimate treasure…DINOSAUR BONES!

I, Junior, everyone’s favorite PUP, go with my human-pals on a vacation! Let me tell you all about my FUR-tastic outdoor adventure:
  • Sticks galore! Big sticks, little sticks, crunchy sticks, sticks that are still on trees! What a BARK!
  • A PAW-fect lake for me to practice my doggy-paddle!
  • Strange-smelling outdoor CRITTERS. Raccoons can sure run fast! 

It’s going to be a HOWLING good time, so long as my FURRY friends and I don’t get caught… Otherwise this hair-raising adventure might end with us in the DOG HOUSE.

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