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Simple Poses to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Add Joy

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Mar 10, 2015

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Playful, simple, and beneficial yoga poses and mental exercises set in your real life to help alleviate pain and stress. No mat, big class, or huge time commitment required – just your commitment to feeling better and being happier!

“Highly recommended as a way to create healthy habits for a more peaceful, happy life.” — New York Journal of Books

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Translated and sold in Russia

Advice from the book and author featured in: Fox Health News, HLN/CNN,, USA Today, AARP Life Reimagined, Costco Connection, Real Simple, and more!

Yoga isn’t about becoming a human pretzel, being vegan, or wearing trendy workout clothes to a green juice bar. Based on her own healing journey, instructor Christine Chen presents a fun, easy way to do yoga at home, in the office, during a commute, and more–no matter your fitness level, yoga experience, age or gender.

A #1 National Bestseller on Amazon in Exercise & Fitness and Injury Prevention

A #1 New Release on Amazon (2015)

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"This book is highly recommended as a way to create healthy habits for a more peaceful, happy life."—New York Journal of Books
"I'm obsessed with this book! It's yoga for everyone-fun, fierce, and therapeutic. I LOVE It!!!!"—Dana Flynn, co-founder, Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers, NY, Brooklyn, SF
"My girlfriend got me this book, and I can actually use it. Thank you, Christine, I'm less lazy and can touch my toes again."—Dale Talde, Top Chef All-Stars
"Yoga poses just couldn't be easier than this when I am working and traveling during fashion's busiest weeks!"—Mary Woo, shoe buyer for Barneys New York
"My busy schedule keeps me running around all day long. These are simple tips that help me de-stress when I'm on deadline."—Agnes Chung, reporter for NY1
"HAPPY-GO-YOGA by Christine Chen is an inspirational and fun manual for making yoga part of each day, weaving the wisdom of the ancients into our modern lives, and creating little bits of yoga medicine for all of us."—Dr. Gabrielle Francis, author of The Rockstar Remedy
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