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Nonfiction books about the flora, fauna, and natural history of the Pacific Northwest published by Timber Press. The Timber office is located in Portland, Oregon—a city filled with natural wonders.

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Field Guides to the Pacific Northwest

Expert Authors from the PNW

Photo Cascadia

The seven photographers of the collective known as Photo Cascadia, Erin Babnik, Sean Bagshaw, David Cobb, Adrian Klein, Kevin McNeal, Chip Phillips, and Zack Schnepf, all live in the Pacific Northwest and have dedicated their careers to sharing its natural beauty while encouraging stewardship and conservation efforts. 

Kristin Currin and Andrew Merritt

Kristin Currin and Andrew Merritt are the authors of The Pacific Northwest Native Plant Primer. They are the owners of Humble Roots Farm and Nursery in Mosier, Oregon. Through Humble Roots, they have worked on many restoration and pollinator enhancement projects including rare plant monitoring and propagation, as well as with many homeowners and landscapers developing native gardens and habitats.

Lorene Edwards Forkner

Lorene Edwards Forkner lives, works, and gardens in Seattle, Washington. She is the former editor of Pacific Horticulture and the author of The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific Northwest.

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