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Explore California with nonfiction books about the plants, animals, and landscapes that make up the Golden State. Learn how to garden in both Northern and Southern California, where to explore unexpected nature in urban cities, and discover the native plants that call this state home.

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Jennifer Jewell

Jennifer Jewell is a gardener, garden writer, and gardening educator and advocate. Since 2016, she has written and hosted the national award-winning, weekly public radio program and podcast, Cultivating Place, a coproduction of North State Public Radio in Chico, California. 

Timber Press Firescaping Your Home A Manual for Readiness in Wildfire Country Authors Adrienne Edwards Rachel Schleiger

Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger

Adrienne Edwards, PhD, is a botanist, plant ecologist, garden designer, environmental consultant, and teacher. With over 30 years of experience teaching, doing environmental research, and consulting, plants continue to drive her passions. 

Rachel Schleiger, MS, is a plant ecologist who specializes in restoration ecology. She has lived in the WUI most of her life. Her family and property survived the most deadly and destructive fire on record, the 2018 Camp Fire.

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Q&A with the Authors of Firescaping Your Home: A Manual for Readiness in Wildfire Country

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