Rocks, Minerals, and Geology of the Pacific Northwest


By Leslie Moclock

By Jacob Selander

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Ideal for rockhounds, hikers, and climbers, the Timber Press Field Guides are the perfect tools for loving where you live.
Rocks, Minerals, and Geology of the Pacific Northwest is a comprehensive field guide to the region’s most common and distinctive rocks, minerals, and fossil types found in the region. Each entry has color photography that shows a range of possibilities in appearance and a description of the defining physical properties and textures. Lists of minerals organized by other physical properties like habit, hardness, and cleavage are included.
  • Covers Oregon and Washington
  • Describes and illustrates more than 100 minerals and rocks
  • 400 photographs, plus additional illustrations, tables, and maps
  • Includes 40 landscape features viewable along trails in Washington and Oregon


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Mar 16, 2021
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360 pages
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Leslie Moclock

Leslie Moclock

About the Author

Leslie Moclock has an MS in geology from the University of California–Davis, where she taught field and laboratory geology. She held the position of curator at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Hillsboro, Oregon, for five years, where she enjoyed many opportunities to bring science to the public.

Jacob Selander grew up in Oregon and holds a PhD from the university of California–Davis. He is an instructor at Highline College in Des Moines, Washington, where he teaches introductory geology, geomorphology, and geologic hazards classes, with a focus on making the sometimes-daunting field of geology accessible to everyone. When not teaching, Jacob is a landscape photographer—one who is always excited to find visual examples of complex geologic phenomena.

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