Happy Little Gifts for Bob Ross Fans

I think we can all agree the world is a crazy, stressful place. One thing I have always found incredibly calming is watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube. He had his own show, “The Joy of Painting,” on PBS from 1983 to 1994, and it was an absolute delight. His soothing voice helped people relax as he instructed people on how to paint tree friends and happy clouds. Lots of viewers didn’t even paint. They just enjoyed listening to him talk. His shows were filled with charming quotes, and his signature hairstyle and blue shirt and jeans outfits are now the stuff of television legend.

Although Ross died in 1995, thanks to the internet, his memory lives on in shirts, books, parody and tribute videos, painting kits, and more. There’s even a bobblehead! So whether you are a fan of Bob Ross, or know someone else who is, here is a list of happy little gifts that you can collect or give. (Especially since original Bob Ross paintings are astronomically expensive!)


Gifts for Bob Ross Fans

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