As the World Learns: 7 Unusual Books That Will Blow Your Mind

You know what is great? Reading a nonfiction book that is not only entertaining, but also teaches you new and fun facts! It’s so satisfying to read about history (or nature or famous people or science or…) and also discover interesting facts you didn’t know. You know, those books that make you turn to the person next to you and say, “Hey, did you know…” The brain has an infinite capacity for learning and no one knows everything. We encourage you to continue to learn, and that’s why we’ve created this fun list of unusual books that will blow your mind!

This list is comprised of unusual history about larger-than-life inventions that have become mainstays of civilization, such as cars, diners, circuses, and bowling alleys. These everyday items have some weird history stories behind them that will tickle your hippocampus and lead you down rabbit holes of searches on the internet. Be sure to buckle your brain in for this wild ride!