Forest Therapy

Seasonal Ways to Embrace Nature for a Happier You


By Sarah Ivens

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Your practical guide to better health, stronger relationships, and a happier life–by reconnecting with nature

There is something simply soul-soothing about being in nature. In fact, research shows that spending time outside can improve the immune system, combat stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and boost self-esteem. Around the globe, rising movements are driving us to reconnect with Mother Nature–from shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing”) in Japan to friluftsliv (“open-air life”) in Scandinavia–yet our everyday lifestyles have distanced us from the great outdoors. For stressed-out professionals, reclusive bookworms, worn-out parents, and their cooped-up kids, Forest Therapy shares why getting back to nature is critically important for our well-being, and offers fun, easy practices to break out of hibernation.

Forest bathing is a rising trend, but what to do if you’re not near the woods or if the weather is dreary? Forest Therapy offers practical steps and inspiration to tap into nature’s restorative power, no matter the season or the weather. Chapters address ideas for all four seasons, as well as ways to use experiences in nature as ways to deepen your relationships with your children, partner, and friends. Ivens’s creative ideas and strategies range from a simple walk in the woods and countryside couples’ therapy to DIY natural beauty products and simple ways to bring the great outdoors into your home. Illustrated with charming black-and-white line art, Forest Therapy is a warm, witty, and personal guide to improving your health, finding happiness, and living a fabulous al fresco life.

  • "Spending less time in nature is negatively affecting our children, both physically (their eyesight is getting worse as a result) and emotionally (more difficult behavior). Children today need to climb more trees, play with sycamore airplanes, make fairy tea parties with acorn cups, gather more blackberries and eat them straight from the bush, make more daisy chains and leaf prints, dissect owl pellets, play in mud, collect forest treasures and breathe more fresh air. This little book has lots of great ideas if spending time in forests isn't second nature to you--or your kids."
    Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author and parenting expert
  • "Urges readers to leave behind their screens and reconnect with nature through simple activities like taking a walk in the woods or bringing pieces of nature into their homes."
    Publishers Weekly
  • "Forest Therapy does a splendid job of relaying all of the good reasons to enjoy a regular date with Mother Nature, while offering solid, practical tips for pulling that off."
    Community Table
  • "A year-round guide to embracing nature and personal wellness."
    Mother Earth Living
  • "Explores the reasons why spending time outdoors lowers stress levels and anxiety, improves creativity, plus boosts immunity and increases longevity."
    Louisville Courier-Journal
  • "Rarely a challenging read for any adult-even when imparting information that's as fascinating as it is promising."
    Leo Weekly
  • "Ivens offers hundreds of activities that will help you reintegrate the natural world into your life. With [Forest Therapy], you can learn to be calmer, more joyful, and more connected to the natural world, no matter the season."
    Taste for Life

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Sep 4, 2018
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Sarah Ivens

Sarah Ivens

About the Author

Sarah Ivens is a journalist, certified life coach, and author of eight lifestyle and wellness books including A Modern Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched and A Modern Girl’s Guide to Etiquette. Ivens is a PhD candidate in Global Humanities at the University of Louisville and a contributor to the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, Stella, Psychologies, Marie Claire, Glamour, the New York Post, and GQ. A Londoner turned Southern belle (with stops in Manhattan and LA), she now lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.

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