How to Spot a Fairy

A Field Guide to Sprites, Sylphs, Spriggans, and More

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By Sarah Glenn Marsh

Illustrated by Lilla Bolecz

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An enchanting illustrated field guide to finding fairies (and their familiars) in the wild! 

This stunning compendium explores the history & mythology of fairies and offers information on how/where to find these magical beings. From boggarts and pixies to weeping women, water nymphs, moon maids, and more, this book organizes fairies by habitat and offers tips on how to seek out the mystical beings in our midst. Complete with interactive elements like quizzes ("Which Type of Fairy Are You?"), crafts ("Build Your Own Fairy Garden" and "Make Your Own Fairy Potion"), and recipes ("Brew Your Own Fairy Tea"), there's endless fun to be had while on the search for fairy folk.


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Oct 22, 2024
Page Count
144 pages
Running Press Kids

Sarah Glenn Marsh

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Sarah Glenn Marsh has written several young adult novels and many picture books. Her Irish heritage has inspired a love of fairy folklore and fantastical storytelling from a young age. She lives with her husband, daughter, four dogs, several fish, and maybe a fairy or two in Richmond, Virginia. 

Lilla Bölecz is an artist and folklore lover who specializes in graphic art, book illustration, dollmaking, and pattern design. Her passion is to create peculiar, thought-provoking, mystical scenes and characters. Her work is mostly inspired by mysticism, legends, spiritual experiences, mythology, and literature. Lilla uses both digital and traditional media, including ink, gouache, clay, and acrylics. She is always looking for meaningful connections, and to bring to life the unconventional and unique.

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