Cool, Cosmic Tattoo Stars and Planets

50 Temporary Tattoos That Teach


By Meg Thacher

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From tiny meteors to giant galaxies, this temporary tattoo collection features planets, all the phases of the Moon, a solar eclipse, a rocket, an astronaut, comets, meteor, constellations (Draco, Pegasus, and more), and dozens of shining stars.

Kids ages 4 and up just peel, press, wear, and learn all about stars and planets: It's a fun science lesson with an activity mixed in. After reading up on space facts, kids can share the tattoos with friends, then go outside and explore the universe!


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Mar 5, 2024
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Meg Thacher

Meg Thacher

About the Author

Meg Thacher is the author of Sky Gazing and Cool, Cosmic Tattoo Stars and Planets, a senior laboratory instructor in Smith College’s astronomy department and the academic director for Smith's Summer Science and Engineering Program for high schoolers. A regular contributor to national children’s science magazines, she teaches astronomy workshops for school groups and scout troops. She has a BA in physics from Carleton College and an MS in astrophysics from Iowa State. She lives in western Massachusetts. 

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