How to Forage for Wild Foods without Dying

An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Identifying 40 Edible Wild Plants


By Ellen Zachos

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This on-the-go guide is perfect for new foragers eager to learn about the edible plants they're most likely to find, no matter what region they're in, and provides photos and easy-to-follow identification and use guidelines for the 40 most common—and most delicious—wild plants.

How to Forage for Wild Foods without Dying is a book for anyone who likes to go on nature walks and would like to learn about the edible plants they’re most likely to come across—no matter what region they’re in. Author Ellen Zachos shares her considerable expertise, acquired over decades of foraging in every part of North America. She offers clear, concise descriptions of edible wild plants, in addition to any potential lookalikes, as well as critical information about proper harvesting, processing, and cooking. Zachos has curated the plant selection to include only the 40 most common, most delicious edible plants, ranging from black walnuts and juniper berries to elderflowers, burdock, fiddlehead ferns, lambsquarter, wild garlic, sunchokes, and many more. With Zachos’s expert advice and easy-to-follow guidelines, readers will be confident in identifying which plants they can safely eat and which ones they should definitely avoid. Easy instructions for preparation and eating for maximum enjoyment are included.


  • “This is an extraordinarily helpful guide for indoor plant enthusiasts of all levels. Highly recommended.” 
    Library Journal, starred review
  • “This helpful guide to edible wild plants is perfect for beginners.” 
  • “Foraging feels like one of those hobbies that could easily take over your whole life and you wouldn’t be mad about it; Zachos’ guide is a wonderful enabler.”
  • “With its well-rounded selection of delicious and accessible edible wild plants, this book will be useful anywhere in North America. Ellen Zachos’s seasoned advice and practical tips make it the perfect launchpad for any aspiring forager.” 
    SAM THAYER, author of Sam Thayer’s Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants
  • “An inspiring companion for curious new foragers, this guide is an ideal starting point for developing a safe, respectful relationship with the natural world.” 

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Ellen Zachos

About the Author

Ellen Zachos is an expert forager and longtime foraging instructor. She is the author of six books, including The Wildcrafted Cocktail and Backyard Foraging. She is co-host of the Plantrama podcast and can be found online at

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