The Dreamgate Oracle

A Self-Reflective Deck and Guidebook


By Danielle Noel

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Discover the uncharted expanses of your dreaming mind in this stunning deck and oracle set, featuring symbols, self-care rituals, energetic insights, and lush imagery by artist and creator of The Starchild Tarot Danielle Noel. 

Filled with rich symbology and open-ended imagery, The Dreamgate Oracle is a beautiful tool to support your dreams and day-to-day life. Meant to evoke subconscious landscapes and celestial vistas, the cards of this deck are carefully crafted by visual artist and leading oracle creator Danielle Noel to explore the magic of your inner worlds. The Dreamgate Oracle invites readers through their own dreaming doorways, using 50 carefully crafted oracle cards to guide meditations, rituals, and dreamtime explorations. An accompanying guidebook offers further insights into each card, as well as the history of dream interpretation and practices for active dreaming. 
  • Deluxe set: This set includes 50 full-color oracle cards (3 X 5 inches) with original illustrations by Danielle Noel; an interior travel case; a 208-page, full-color, flexibound guidebook; and a magnetic closure keepsake box, with pearlescent paper, for display. 
  • 50 ethereal oracle cards: Each card in The Dreamgate Oracle features a lush, dreamy image of a dream-based symbol, landscape, mood, or mindset.  
  • Illustrated guidebook for enhanced dreamwork: The Dreamgate Oracle includes an in-depth illustrated guidebook to help explain the functionality of the deck, including the language of dreams; methods and rituals for remembering your dreams; types of dreams; and working with dreams.
  • A brand-new deck from the mind of artist Danielle Noel: Visual artist and oracle creator Danielle Noel has devised an entirely unique, consciousness-expanding toolset with The Dreamgate Oracle. This deck and guidebook set is a perfect addition for existing fans of Danielle's work, as well as any spiritual seekers. 

A note on packaging: In order to help honor our planet and reduce waste, we have only shrink wrapped the interior cards, rather than the keepsake box. Please feel confident that your product is not defective or used, but rather represents a step we are taking to protect our collective home. When you open your deck, you will find that the actual cards inside the box are shrink wrapped for protection and to ensure first use by the buyer.

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Apr 23, 2024
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Explore Your Inner Worlds with "The Dreamgate Oracle"
Photo of creator Danielle Noel

Danielle Noel

About the Author

Danielle Noel is a visual artist, mystic, and leading oracle creator. Her work is designed to help uplift, inspire, and support her readers through consciousness-expanding toolsets and self-care rituals. Danielle’s creations are meant to evoke the uncharted expanses that we may each hold within us, to help us navigate our day-to-day lives with more ease and grace.

​Danielle’s intuitive artwork began at a young age, as her own sensitivities awakened her to study and reflect various spiritual philosophies and healing arts. Through her work, she has also devoted her passion into art education and energy medicine. 

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