Marriage Ain't for Punks

A No-Nonsense Guide to Building a Lasting Relationship


By Calvin Roberson

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Marriage is a bond that requires hard work from two people in order to achieve happiness—find all the tips and tools to a happily-ever-after, using the guidance of a trusted relationship expert. 

Beloved marriage counselor Pastor Cal Roberson captivates millions of viewers with his eccentric personality and unabashed yet effective marriage advice—and Marriage Ain’t for Punks is no different.
This book is a relationship game changer. It’s a straightforward and unapologetic dive into why people fail or struggle at one of the most popular and sought-after unions in society. Even though some marriages look like a hot mess, don’t give up hope, because it is transparency, honesty, and downright fearlessness that make a great marriage. A good relationship is about refusing to allow pettiness to destroy the loving connection that partners truly seek to find with each other. Those with healthy marriages are not weaklings. They are not quitters. They know that Marriage Ain’t for Punks!

  •  “Pastor Cal’s insights translate immediately into ways we can protect and improve even a troubled marriage—if we practice his version of  ‘CPR.’ I can’t imagine anyone, single or married, who would not be inspired, or would not profit, from the wisdom in this book.”
    Pepper Schwartz, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Marriages
  • “As a prominent urban radio host, we talk about relationships a lot on our shows and when it’s time to call on an expert, there aren’t too many ‘experts’ I trust who talk the talk, walk the walk, and lead by example—but Pastor Cal is it. Marriage Ain’t for Punks is consistent to what we love and trust about Pastor Cal. It’s realistic, honest (brutally, when needed), and practical. I honestly wish I had the type of guidance shared in this book a few years back ... but I’m glad I have it now.”
    Nina Brown, radio and TV host
  • “I’m not a huge fan of counseling, but Pastor Cal makes me look at it differently. He’s such a down to earth guy and breaks things down in a way that empowers you and makes you want to better yourself.”
    Ty Law, Pro Football Hall of Fame, class of 2019
  • “Pastor Cal has created a clear and concise guide that can help you navigate the crazy ups and downs of marriage. This isn’t a one-time read, this is a manual that should be referenced over and over again as you meet the many different challenges of wedded bliss.”
    Kevin Frazier, TV host
  • “Marriage Ain’t for Punks is a must-read for couples who are struggling to make their relationship work. Pastor Cal, in his typical fashion, pulls no punches with his straightforward and direct approach. Fans finally have the opportunity to get his advice and apply his strategies to their own marriages and learn how not to ‘punk out.’ I can’t wait to share this book with the couples I work with!”
    Jessica L. Griffin, PsyD, associate professor of psychiatry and pediatrics, UMASS Medical School, department of psychiatry; relationship expert and TV personality; CEO of Love Builder, Inc.
  • “I adore Pastor Cal! His spirit is incredibly warm and the way he helps couples work through their issues is done with nothing but pure love.”
    Nicole Haynes, EBONY Media executive

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Calvin Roberson

About the Author

Pastor Calvin (Cal) has been helping build and restore relationships for 20+ years. Having done graduate studies in theology and post graduate studies in law, Cal has been able to marry academia with his natural gifting of discernment to (literally) save countless relationships from demise. His unique ability to resolve toxic conflict has propelled Cal into an international platform as the Relationship Expert with major television networks.

Cal is truly an expert in all things "relationship," so it's no surprise he is also a sought-after keynote speaker in both the corporate and religious industries. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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