8 New and Future Book Releases to Check Out

Sure, diving into a classic or your own TBR pile is its own kind of satisfying, but nothing compares to the thrill of reading something hot off the press, am I right? For that reason, here are eight books you can look forward to in 2023—get to pre-ordering!


The style of Sean Thor Conroe’s novel perfectly frames his subject, and I love it when form imitates content. The book follows a fuccboi in the first year of Trump’s presidency, when he finds himself back in his college town, unnecessary and unchanged. It’s a journey of self-exploration, masculinity, and how to reconcile the selves of one’s past. And it’s hilarious, self-aware, and cutting. This released on January 25 so you can grab a copy now!


My favorite kinds of nonfiction are the ones that weave hard data with personal experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in How Medicine Works. Dr. F. Perry Wilson is a physician and researcher at the Yale School of Medicine, and in his collection of essays, he talks about the erosion of the doctor-patient relationship, pharmaceutical corruption, and healthcare rackets that pollute the patient experience. It should prove a very informative read for anyone who has ever had to interact with the medical system… so, everyone. This book released on January 25, too, so go ahead and get in there!


This unique memoir is written in a series of mostly third-person vignettes, and it shows Joey coming of age in a falling-down home where his mother and grandmother have crack addictions. The book examines diversity on the level of masculinity, race, mental health, and orientation, all with childlike voice but adult perspective. Order now! Sink released on February 21.


No matter where you stand with the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, this book that details the life of historical figure of Madame Restell is important for everyone who thinks perspectives are worth examining. The book itself chronicles Restell’s life as an English immigrant in 19th century New York and her “boarding house” business that supplied women with healthcare that they couldn’t find elsewhere—and how she taught herself to administer that care. Madame Restell releases February 28.


In a similar historical deep dive, Crooked tells of sensational Jazz Age corruption: the greatest political fiasco of the era has been all but lost to history till now. Crooked tells the story of Attorney General Harry Daugherty, the cutthroat puppetmaster behind President Harding’s rise to power. The book showcases all the crime that went into putting Harding in office and bringing him down. Save the date: Crooked drops March 21.


This book is also set in the 1930s, but as a historical fiction in western Europe. We follow the three privileged Guinness sisters into married life and motherhood, all while Britain becomes more politically polarized. Pre-order this Guinness sisters installment before April 18.


Pirbhai, a teenager in British-ruled, turn-of-the-century India, was taken from his village to work on the East African Railway. The book chronicles his children and grandchildren as they scatter over the earth and then reunite in Toronto generations later, where a letter arrives that reveals a secret about their shared ancestor and brings back his ghost in full force. Releasing May 2.


This fascinating novel that’s part ghost story and part epic follows a 105-year-old South Korean woman from when she receives a shocking letter… and into the afterlife. There, she fights a familial curse that threatens to haunt all her descendants. The Apology release August 1.


All things considered, we have a lot of books to look forward to in 2023.

Mary Kay McBrayer is the author of America’s First Female Serial Killer: Jane Toppan and the Making of a Monster. You can find her short works at Oxford American, Narratively, Mental Floss, and FANGORIA, among other publications. She co-hosts Everything Trying to Kill You, the comedy podcast that analyzes your favorite horror movies from the perspectives of women of color. Follow Mary Kay McBrayer on Instagram and Twitter, or check out her author site here.