Grumpy Monkey meets all the drama of Halloween in this promotion-perfect revival of a favorite character, illustrated by a bestselling, award-winning artist Dan Santat.

This year, Crankenstein’s favorite day of all has gone rotten! Creepy-cool costumes, super-scary jack-o’-lanterns, and wicked loads of candy have been RUINED by costume disasters, pumpkin-carving nightmares, and a terribly untimely toothache! MEHHRRRR!!! Can Halloween be saved, or will today turn into the crankiest Halloween in history?

Even the grumpiest kiddos will cheerfully gobble up a bucket full of delicious laughs in this follow-up to Crankenstein and A Crankenstein Valentine.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


Praise for A Crankenstein Valentine:
"A humorous story.... My 5-year-old has me reading this book to her again and again."—New York Times
Praise for Crankenstein:
"Expect many re-read requests from Crankensteins who may (or may not) recognize themselves."—Publishers Weekly
"Will the creature ever turn from "MEHHRRRR!" to merry? Youngsters will roar along with Crankenstein through this silly and sympathetic story of grumpy-grouchies."—School Library Journal
"Whoa. Be prepared for the intense frustrations, the moody outbursts and the green scowls of Crankenstein.... Each setting reveals sly comic elements that both kids and their grown-ups will appreciate. Readers will laugh out loud.... Get ready to read this aloud a lot."—Kirkus Reviews
"Caldecott winner Dan Santat's illustrations are hilarious, expressive, slightly gross, and absolutely delightful."—Charlotte Parent
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