Two immortal brothers crisscross the American Southwest to elude a murderous biker gang and protect a young woman in this tautly paced thriller from an award-winning author.

Summer, 1976. Jesse and his brother, Edgar, are on the road in search of victims. They’re rovers, nearly indestructible nocturnal beings who must consume human blood in order to survive. For seventy years they’ve lurked on the fringes of society, roaming from town to town, dingy motel to dingy motel, stalking the transients, addicts, and prostitutes they feed on.
This hard-boiled supernatural hell-ride kicks off when the brothers encounter a young woman who disrupts their grim routine, forcing Jesse to confront his past and plunging his present into deadly chaos as he finds himself scrambling to save her life. The story plays out through the eyes of the brothers, a grieving father searching for his son’s murderer, and a violent gang of rover bikers, coming to a shattering conclusion in Las Vegas on the eve of America’s bicentennial.
Gripping, relentless, and ferocious, Rovers demonstrates once again why Richard Lange has been hailed as an “expert writer, his prose exact, his narrative tightly controlled” (Steph Cha, Los Angeles Times).

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Praise for The Smack:
Praise for Richard Lange:
“Lange writes of the disaffections and bewilderments of ordinary lives with as keen an anger and searing lyricism as anybody out there today. He is Raymond Carver reborn in a hard cityscape. Read him and be amazed.”—T.C. Boyle
"The Smack is refreshingly realistic L.A. noir... Lange is an expert writer, his prose exact, his narrative tightly controlled."—Steph Cha, Los Angeles Times
"Even inanimate objects come to life in Lange's world... The book is most fun, though, when it focuses on Petty's clever ruses to separate the rubes from their life's savings."—Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review
“Lange is incapable of creating a character that isn’t memorable. Even the most minor are indelibly sketched… The zone where literary fiction meets genre fiction.”—Antoine Wilson, Los Angeles Times
“Richard Lange is a natural-born storyteller.”—Ron Rash
"[A] riveting, violent caper"—Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal
"Lange is a writer of clean and easy prose, and he's strong at structuring a narrative that builds toward an ever tightening climax. The Smack adds up to one of the nicer surprises of the season."—Jack Batten, Toronto Star
“With the kind of lean and sparse prose that writers like Elmore Leonard and Richard Stark honed to a razor’s edge…A lot of writers try to write like this, but Lange just does it and he makes it work.”—David J. Montgomery, Daily Beast
"The down-and-dirty events and street talk…remind me of a young James Ellroy, and like Ellroy, Richard Lange can really write."—Joseph Wambaugh
"If Elmore Leonard and Dennis Cooper collaborated on a novel, they might produce something as exciting, harrowing and emotionally powerful as The Smack. Call it a literary thriller or call it thrilling literature--Richard Lange is emerging as the master of a new kind of novel: One that delivers breathless, gripping action while anchored in the authentic troubles of the real world. The Smack arrives like a genuine miracle--that rare thriller that will jack your pulse even as it breaks your heart."—Adam Sternbergh, author of Shovel Ready
“Lange creates poetry from the simplest of words and moments… He dives deep into his characters’ lives in order to reveal ever deeper, ever darker wants.”—Lisa L. Kirchner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Stylistically brilliant, painfully and truly observed and rendered.”—Eric Williamson, San Francisco Chronicle
"The Smack just might be Mr. Lange's best yet, and that's saying something. His Los Angeles tableau of concrete and graffiti and neon is as sharp as razor wire. The characters are authentic down to the bone, the dialogue pitch-perfect believable, the desperation palpable, the situation urgent, the story riveting. Simply put, The Smack wallops you upside the head with its bad-ass-ness."—Tom Cooper, author of The Marauders
"The Smack is much more than a crime novel. It is a novel about life itself. The secret to great writing isn't just to observe. It's to create a world that readers understand at least as well as they do their own. Richard Lange has accomplished this, and more. His sensitivity and pacing are reminiscent of Raymond Carver, Charles Willeford, and Jim Thompson."
Gerald Petievich, author of To Live and Die in L.A. and The Sentinel
"With all the dexterity of Thomas Perry, Lange walks the thin line between caper novel and blood-splattered noir, leading up to a rip-roaring finale. This fine piece of tragicomic crime fiction sets up like a stand-alone, but we'd sure like to see more."—Bill Ott, Booklist
"A rare combination of realism and inventiveness...adds up to make The Smack Lange's most accomplished novel to date."—Alan Cranis, Bookgasm
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