Roadblocks to Learning

Understanding the Obstacles That Can Sabotage Your Child's Academic Success


By Lawrence J. Greene

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This comprehensive guide explains the symptoms and terminology associated with children who struggle in school because of underachievement and learning problems and offers parents practical solutions.

Over seven million children suffer from learning difficulties. Most of these children are stuck in classrooms where their needs are not met or even recognized by an overcrowded school system. However, with the right information and diagnostic tools, parents can provide life-long learning skills specially targeted to their children’s needs. This book lays out the symptoms, terms, and strategies parents will encounter if their child has a learning block and explains how to convey their child’s needs and condition to teachers.

Categorized and cross-referenced for easy access, ROADBLOCKS TO LEARNING covers over 70 different obstacles to learning. From study skills to ADD, from problem solving to teacher-child conflict, this indispensable guide is for all parents who want to ensure their child is learning to his/her full potential.


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Lawrence J. Greene

About the Author

Lawrence Greene has over three decades of experience as an educational diagnostician and therapist. He has been interviewed as an authority on children’s education for Women’s Day, USA Today, and The New York Times, and has been published in Parents magazine, Family Circle, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has appeared on NPR and CBS This Morning.

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