The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook

How to Write Great Patterns that Knitters Will Love to Make

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By Kristina McGrath

By Sarah Walworth

Foreword by Francoise Danoy

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Knitting patterns are notorious for inaccuracies in measurements and confusing directions—but no more! The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook sets new standards for clear, accurate pattern writing, walking aspiring and experienced designers alike through each must-have component of a thorough, well-written pattern, including how to devise and present gauge, charts, and sizing information that is correct and easy-to-follow. With a focus on how to make patterns accessible to contemporary knitters—especially beginning knitters—this much-needed reference book is destined to become a classic in an industry that is beginning to professionalize after decades (even centuries!) of informal and home-based instruction. With 90,000 patterns being sold annually on the popular knitting community site Ravelry, there's a burgeoning group of indie knitwear designers eager for this guidance, provided by authors Kristina McGrath and Sarah Walworth, who host a monthly live broadcast on the technical aspect of knitting design.



  • "If there's one thing I've learned, it's to always listen to my tech editors. It's easy when everything is so well explained! The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook should be required reading for all aspiring pattern designers; not just for the technical information about laying out your patterns with consistency and clarity, but for the included question and answer sessions in each chapter, where the authors dive into all the things you've wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)!"—Hannah Thiessen Howard, Author of Slow Knitting & Seasonal Slow Knitting
  • "The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook covers all aspects of writing a good pattern, from developing a style sheet or writing instructions in a consistent manner (in text, by the schematic, or through charts), to working with a tech editor and addressing sizing issues. Clearly written and comprehensive in scope, I wish I had had this book when I began to design."—Beth Brown-Reinsel, author of Knitting Ganseys
  • “I wish I had this as a resource when I first started designing knitwear. The checklists for consistency when writing patterns are a necessity, and the grading information for accurate sizing over multiple silhouettes is invaluable. I plan to keep a copy in my design library... and you should too!”—Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs
  • "This much needed guide is filled with industry secrets and standards, making it invaluable to new and experienced knitwear designers alike.  I cannot wait to share this book with my design students!”—Safiyyah Talley, author of Knit 2 Socks in 1
  • “In The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook, Kristina and Sarah take the mystery out of how to write a knitting pattern. They offer new designers wise, experienced advice on how to avoid the most common designer pitfalls. This is the book I want all my tech-edit clients to read. Save yourself time, money and headaches by reading The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook before you start your next knitting pattern!”—Edie Eckman, knit and crochet designer and author

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Oct 31, 2023
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Kristina McGrath

About the Author

Kristina McGrath worked as a freelance technical editor for knitting patterns for 7 years, after a decade of knitting all the things, and now works as a consultant in the industry, as well as hosting Tech Tip Talk with Sarah Walworth. She is passionate about good fit and size-inclusivity, and helping to make working with patterns the best it can be, for designers, editors, and knitters. Kristina lives in Massachusetts with her family, and lots of pencils and paperweights. 

Sarah Walworth re-learned to knit as an adult when she needed a way to keep her hands busy while homeschooling her children. It quickly cascaded into re-writing patterns to fit her, absorbing all the techniques, and eventually training to be a technical editor and pattern grader. After several years of working as a freelance technical editor, she now runs The Tech Editor Hub where she is building a community of yarn professionals advancing their technical skills and growing successful businesses. Walworth cohosts Tech Tip Talk with Kristina McGrath, and lives in North Texas with her husband of 25 years, their small flock of chickens and 2 crazy herding dogs.

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