A Teamster's Guide to Raising, Training, Driving & Showing


By Drew Conroy

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Versatile as well as powerful, oxen can plow fields, haul stones, assist in logging, and improve roads. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of selecting, training, feeding, and caring for your oxen. You’ll learn how to fit yokes and bows, address common challenges, and maintain your team’s overall health. Whether you’re looking for an economical alternative to heavy machinery on the farm or want to compete at the next county fair, Drew Conroy will help you achieve success with your oxen.


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Drew Conroy

About the Author

Drew Conroy, PhD, is a professor at the University of New Hampshire. He has been teaching applied animal science for 25 years and has produced six educational videos on training oxen and making yokes. Conroy and his family also raise rare American Milking Devon cattle and train oxen in Maine. He and his teams have been featured in numerous movies and magazines.

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