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Proposal Guidelines

The Mission of Storey Publishing

To serve our customers by publishing practical information that encourages personal independence in harmony with the environment. We seek to do this in a positive atmosphere that promotes editorial quality, team spirit, and profitability.

The books we select to carry out our mission include nonfiction titles for adults and children in the areas of gardening, herbs, cooking, beer & wine, nature, farming, animals, building, homesteading, natural health, home reference, crafts, and mind/body/spirit. We encourage you to take a close look at Storey’s publishing program on our website before submitting a proposal to ensure that your work fits within the areas we publish. We do not currently publish fiction.

We are always pleased to review proposals submitted directly from authors and from agents. We offer standard royalty contracts. If you have an idea for a book on any of the subjects we publish and are intrigued by the philosophy expressed on our mission statement, we welcome your proposal submission.

How to Format a Proposal

A complete book proposal must include the following components.

The Book

  • A letter of introduction summarizing succinctly the topic of your proposed book, your reason and credentials for writing the book, and why you think the book would be appropriate for Storey.
  • A one-paragraph description of your book idea focused on what makes it unique, intriguing, and necessary.
  • A proposed table of contents, including a brief description of what will be covered in each chapter and proposed projects or recipe lists (if appropriate).
  • For craft books: please send photos of a selection of finished projects.
  • For children’s activity books: please send a complete sample chapter.
  • Your thoughts about the length, format, photographic and illustrative requirements, suggested packaging, and general appearance of the book.


  • A detailed summary of your experience and credentials for writing the book you are proposing.
  • Samples of your writing from previous books, magazines, or online publications.
  • A proposed publicity plan detailing your ability to promote and sell your book, including: stats for your online platform and following (Facebook, Instagram, website readership, etc); connections with key media partners, publications, and organizations that would help promote your book; teaching and speaking venues where you are known; noted individuals you are connected with who would potentially endorse and help promote your book; availability and commitment to travel and promote.

The Market

  • A brief statement describing the potential readers of the book and the channels where you think your book would sell. Who will buy this book and why? Please be as specific as possible.
  • A list of comparative books with similarities to your proposed book (in content or approach) that have been published within the last three years (include title, author, page count, retail price, and publisher). Please add your own critique of each book and how your proposed book differs or complements each one. Note: The existence of similar books is not necessarily a negative; it may indicate a strong market for your topic or approach.

Address Your Proposal

Please use the list below to choose the appropriate editor. Send via email to:

Deanna Cook: children; cooking
Hannah Fries: science and nature (both adult and kids); literary anthologies; building
Sarah Slattery: mind/body/spirit
Lisa Hiley: animals
Carleen Madigan: gardening; homesteading; self-sufficiency; farming; herbal health
Diana Rupp: art, craft, and creativity; home reference

Given the volume of submissions, we regret to say that we cannot respond to every inquiry. If we are interested in a proposal, we will respond within 6-8 weeks of submission.