The Joy Choice throws out the typical self-defeating, rigid requirements of past diets or workout regimens and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own decision-making, giving you the strategies to resolve the conflicts that your eating and exercise plans inevitably face.
Why do we so easily fall off the diet wagon, or fail to maintain an exercise routine, even when we really want to? Based on cutting-edge decision science and engaging stories from her work with coaching clients and industry, Dr. Michelle Segar, director of University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center and lifestyle change coach of almost 30 years, explains the surprising reasons that habits created for eating and exercise so often crash when they come up against real life. Segar offers a fresh and playful framework for navigating the momentary decisions and conflicts we face daily about what to eat and how to get our exercise and still meet work, family, and other life needs. Through her simple but powerful three-step decision-making tool POP!—Pause, Open, Play! — Segar shows you how to easily sort through your options and make the decision that keeps you moving toward your goals, powering you to feel your best and serve the people and things that matter most.

What's Inside

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