When I Was Your Age


By Danette Byatt

Illustrated by Danette Byatt

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Peer into the future and reminisce about the present with this sci-fi picture book that speculates about a hopeful someday for today’s children.
Are you ready for a futuristic trip down memory lane? In this imaginative picture book, a grandmother reminisces to her grandchild Indigo about her childhood, back when humans lived on Earth and children biked to school instead of flying. On the new planet, robots do chores, telepathy has replaced texting, and cakes are 3D-printed. Each clever parallel between the past and present reveals both sweet similarities and stark differences. And though things are vastly different in this marvel-filled future, there is one thing that remains the same: the future is still bright.

  • "The story is colorful and inviting, and savvy storytellers will be able to use this book to start conversations comparing time periods. The busy, energetic illustrations do a lot to enhance the tale, color-coding memories in blue and contrasting them against the red of the planet. Observant readers will notice that Gran’s experiences feel contemporary, meaning her past is set somewhere in our present."
    Kirkus Reviews

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Mar 7, 2023
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32 pages

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