How to Fold an Origami Heart

Add a special touch to gifts “wrapped with the heart” with this simple papercraft from The Soul of Gift Wrapping.

These origami hearts bring back a memory of when my youngest daughter and I volunteered at an assisted-living and community center for seniors. For a special New Year’s meal that would include residents’ family and friends, we wrapped over 150 sets of chopsticks in crisp white pleats of paper and embellished them with origami hearts. The seniors joined us, and my daughter and I had the opportunity to listen to their life stories and share laughs while we all folded together. It was truly a “wrapping with the heart” scenario for everyone, both literally and figuratively.

Photo © Erin Ng.


  • Square sheet of paper (6″ × 6″ origami paper works well; the red heart above was made with 2.5″ x 2.5″ origami paper)


1. Fold the paper into a triangle and unfold. Fold the opposite corners together to create another triangle and unfold. You should have an X in the center of the paper. With the paper oriented in a diamond shape, fold the top corner to the center line.

Photo by Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing.

2. Fold the bottom corner to the top edge.

Photo by Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing.

3. Bring the bottom edge up to the center line, folding at a diagonal. Repeat on the left side.

Photo by Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing.

4. Turn the paper over. Fold down both top points to create the top edges of the heart. Turn the two side points inward.

Photo by Mars Vilaubi © Storey Publishing.

Excerpted and adapted from The Soul of Gift Wrapping © by Megumi Inouye.

Megumi Lorna Inouye

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Megumi Inouye is a gift wrapping and packaging artist. Known for her sustainable wrapping designs and creative innovations, she encourages repurposing, utilizing everyday things around us and using organic and recyclable items. She attributes her passion for gift wrapping to her Japanese heritage and the cultural values that underlie the meaning behind the art of giving. Her work has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and in Yahoo! Lifestyle, American Craft Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Megumi splits her time between San Francisco and Sonoma in Northern CA. You can find her online at


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