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Snuggle Up with these Cozy Reads for Fall

We may still be some time away from the autumnal equinox, and September usually feels like summer for a while. But even if your mind is still on beach read mode, it’s never too early to think about more cozy books to read for the fall. Maybe it’s a tried-and-true classic novel you’re interested in, some new historical fiction, or a contemporary romance. Check out some of these books for the next time you need to curl up in front of the fire on a chilly fall day.


Nell Swift is grieving the loss of her best friend Megan Shaw to cancer…until one day she receives a letter that Megan wrote before her death. Megan wants her ashes to be scattered in Tansy Falls, her hometown, but that’s not the only request Megan included in the letter. She wants Nell to spend some time in the town, get to know all the people and places, and do some very specific tasks. And this, Megan believes, is just what her shy, grieving friend needs to start living life to the fullest.


Two women, two centuries, and one tragic secret. In 1895, Boston-born society lady Louisa West’s seemingly picture-perfect life is shattered when her aristocratic British husband deserts her. A short time later, Louisa flees to Paris, where – so everyone believes – she throws herself off a balcony to her death. In 2015, Sarah West is sorting through her late father’s belongings when she finds a mysterious letter, postmarked from Paris in 1895. That letter upends the long-held family story of Louisa’s suicide, and it sets in motion a chain of events that may just change Sarah’s life as well.


Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel about Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March returns to charm new generations of readers in this special edition, with illustrations by Shreya Gupta and a foreword by J. Courtney Sullivan.


New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby presents this heartwarming, poignant novel about Serena, Michelle, Kenya, and Lynette: four women who have been the best of friends since childhood. Each woman is facing a difficult time in life, love, and family: one is still single, one is engaged but questioning her relationship, one is married but having to deal with her husband’s ex, and one is recovering from a difficult divorce. And it is during this time that the four friends will need each other’s help the most.


You’ve heard of reading the classics, but have you ever heard of puzzle-solving them? In this book, you’ll find dozens of crosswords, quizzes, and finish-this-story activities themed around such works as Little Women, Dracula, and Moby-Dick. Grab a pencil and settle down with this book by the fireside one evening!


Be careful what you wish for, especially in the little town of Freya Grove, where magic is very much a part of life. Lucy Caraway is happy with her life, but something inside her keeps longing for more. But one of her wishes suddenly leaves her unable to say no to anything…and soon she is caught up in all sorts of entertaining escapades, especially when her old high school crush moves in right across the street.


Brianna MacLeod has made a career as a marriage therapist, counseling couples through their ups and downs. But then her own marriage implodes, and she moves back to her hometown of Highland Falls to try to start over. As she tries to figure out how to move on, she uses her counseling skills to help out some old friends and neighbors. And one of them is her old boyfriend Caleb Scott, himself trying to rebound from a failed marriage…


Erin Roll is a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader. Her favorite genres to read are mystery, science fiction, and fantasy, and her TBR pile is likely to be visible on Google Maps. Before becoming an editor, Erin worked as a journalist and photographer, and she has won far too many awards from the New Jersey Press Association. Erin lives at the top floor of a haunted house in Montclair, NJ. She enjoys reading (of course), writing, hiking, kayaking, music, and video games.