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Most Anticipated Books of 2022

A new year means new books! With 2021 all but over, it’s time to start looking forward to the great new titles that will be hitting bookstore shelves in just a few months. This list features some of the most anticipated books of 2022. They represent a wide range of moods and genres, including a vegan cookbook, historical novels, a thriller, and more. Whether you have made a New Year’s resolution to read more or just want a sneak preview of the great literary adventures to come, this article is sure to get you excited about all of the new books 2022 has to offer!

In this harrowing thriller, a small group of people who have each suffered a personal tragedy is determined to discover what terrible fate is befalling America’s teenagers. They are confronted by a mysterious foe known only as The Wizard, as well as inexplicable yet deadly internet memes. With an eye towards deconstructing the perils of modern life, this is a story that could only take place in the current era.

Maple, Suzette, and Agnes are all Black women with albinism living in Shreveport, Louisiana. Each struggles to make a place for herself in the world, or to escape a world that has caused her unbearable sorrow. As the women navigate family troubles and romantic opportunities, they discover a place for themselves at last. Devastating poignancy and thoughtful social commentary have already made Nobody’s Magic one of the best books of 2022.

Renshu’s happy childhood in China was disrupted by the Japanese invasion of the late 1930s. Decades later, having built a stable home  in America, Renshu—now known as Henry—refuses to tell his daughter Lily anything about their family history. But Lily is determined to understand where she came from and, in the process, help her traumatized father embrace his heritage.

A More Perfect Union tells the story of three people who struggle against prejudices and institutionalized oppression to earn their American dream. Maple, an enslaved woman living on a Virginia plantation, sees Sarah, another enslaved woman, as her ticket to reuniting with her family. Sarah, meanwhile, believes that Henry, an itinerant blacksmith and new immigrant from Ireland, can help her gain the freedom she yearns for.

For Victorian writers, tuberculosis was a “desirable” disease, giving white, female patients the delicate appearance and flushed cheeks that were considered so attractive. But in the real world, TB was and continues to be a devastating, lethal illness. Once nearly controlled in the Western world, it has remained a steady threat in non-white countries, and the overuse of antibiotics has created more virulent strains that now threaten to undo the past century’s scientific advancements.

It doesn’t matter if you have all day to cook or need to have dinner on the table as soon as possible: Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook will teach you how to make a flavorful vegan meal that will satisfy everyone! Featuring plant-based variations on Indian favorites, this book by acclaimed chef Richa Hingle aims to make mealtimes tastier and healthier—and all you need is an Instant Pot and the ingredients you already love!

The old adage “opposites attract” proves wonderfully, frustratingly true for Alexis, a city-based ER doctor who falls in love with Daniel, a small-town carpenter. Making matters more complicated, Alexis’s parents are pushing for her to take her medical career to the next level. How can Alexis decide between the man she loves and the job she adores?

Eileen Gonzalez is a freelance writer from Connecticut. She has a Master’s degree in communications and years of experience writing about pop culture. She contributes to Book Riot and Foreword Reviews, and she occasionally tweets at @eileen2thestars.