Baking Cookbooks Perfect for Cozy Winter Treats

Pumpkin spiced lattes have always marked the start of chillier seasons, but with the dishes in these baking cookbooks the season is about to level up. Cozy slab pies, warm honey cakes, and tempting cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon rolls are perfect for bringing family and friends together for girls’ nights in or family dinners. And the leftovers to enjoy by yourself the next day will be even sweeter.





The Queen of Cookie Dough shares her secrets in this rule-breaking book that makes cookie dough safe to eat. The 110 recipes mix fan favorites from her famous New York confectionery and creations with an innovative twist. All of which are equally tempting from classic chewy cookies to other treats like cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon rolls. It’s perfect for cookie dough lovers at every age and skill level. These recipes will inspire all party needs and has ideas for baby showers, weddings, and girls’ nights in.



Join the new food trend of slab pies, which are similar to regular pies but only bigger and better. Baked on sheet pans, they’re an unfussy meal that avoids the crimping and meticulous rolling of a round crust. The 75 foolproof recipes introduce this fresh, uncomplicated take on pie that will suit sweet and savory cravings. With such enticing recipes, don’t be surprised if you see slab pies at your next potluck!


With 75 classic recipes with a twist, this dessert cookbook has exciting flavor combinations and stunning photos throughout that showcases Naomi’s unique style. They’ll be showstoppers for any hosted dinners and include recipes like Burnt Caramel Custard Pie, Apple Pie Marshmallows, and French Silk Crunch Cake. Shortcuts like pre-made cookie dough and candy garnishes make the desserts practical but still delicious and fanciful.

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