A Bookish Guide to Jessica Valenti: Feminist Powerhouse

When you infuriate misogynists around the world with your beliefs, you know you’re doing something right. Jessica Valenti, author of feminist theory cornerstones such as Full Frontal Feminism and Yes Means Yes, has been angering sexists since 2004 when she founded the website Feministing. With her accessible, to-the-point arguments about the necessity of an updated feminism in a new age of rebranded sexism, Valenti changed the game. Much of her work has popularized feminist struggles into the mainstream conversation. For example, affirmative consent (yes means yes) is now a widespread idea on many college campuses and in debates around rape culture. Though many of Valenti’s books were published before certain landmark feminist movements like #MeToo, they are all still relevant and applicable to modern-day feminist discourse. Sharpen your critical thinking skills with these fantastic, informative reads.



No matter where you start with Jessica Valenti, you can’t go wrong. As sexism rears its head again in the upcoming elections, here’s a chance to brush up on your feminist theory to fight the good fight.


About Jessica Valenti

Jessica Valenti is the author of multiple books on feminism, politics, and culture. Jessica is also the founder of Feministing.com. Her writing has appeared in publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Nation, and Ms. magazine. She is currently a columnist at the Guardian US. Jessica lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.



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