November Staff Book Report: Nita Basu

Each month we ask our staff to share their latest reading recommendations and give us a peek into their reading habits by answering your favorite bookish questions. In November, we hear from Nita Basu, Senior Manager, Marketing & Publicity, Hachette Audio. Read ahead for Nita’s trusted reading (and listening!) recommendations and what she would name her dream bookstore (hint: it’s a-meow-zing).

Nita Basu | Senior Manager, Marketing & Publicity, Hachette Audio

I love true crime. In all its forms, I love it so so so much. And I love hiking in the woods to look at trees. True crime with trees? SOLD. Best part is how the intro starts, crunching leaves along the way, making you feel like you’re on a hike with a friend who tells you this insane wacky tale of tree thievery over the years.

I am continually astounded by what we can accomplish with audio, like being able to CREEP PEOPLE OUT with sound. There’s nothing like it in my opinion. The sound design and effects in this, and the first in the duology, THE CITY WE BECAME made the book (which was already astounding) just leap off the page, into my earholes.

I feel like Amber Ruffin could read me the phonebook, and I would still spit out my coffee laughing. Full of cringy experiences that both enraged me, exasperated me, and sometimes just made me chuckle, I feel like this should be mandatory listening for people in a lesson on microaggressions (and you know, aggressive-aggressions).

I do love listening to straight reads, but there’s something really delightful and fun about listening to such a big cast production – it’s like an audio drama! As a gamer nerd, I was also excited IRL with the star casting of people I recognized hearing from playing video games and watching anime over the years. (AKA: I almost screamed when I realized we cast Scott McNeil, seriously.)

What’s one audiobook you would recommend to those looking to get into audiobook listening?

CIRCE, without a doubt. It really highlights the pinnacle of connecting with a listener, and using VOICE as a medium to connect with the story. I love to think of audiobooks more than just another format of book, but an entirely different way of connecting with narratives. My experience with CIRCE and listening to CIRCE were both equally rewarding, but entirely different, and that’s what I think would be best as someone’s first audiobook!

Do you have a go-to comfort read or listen?

I have two levels of comfort reads. If I’m really down in the dumps, I love, love memoirs, especially if they’re about travel or running. RUNNING RANSOM ROAD is a book very close and dear to my heart, and I’ve listened and read it approximately 84573847 times now.

If I’m just going through a reading and listening slump, then instead I need something peppy and upbeat which means any and all rom-coms. ESPECIALLY if it’s enemies to lovers. The One True Romance Trope. Something like Farrah Rochon’s THE HOOKUP PLAN, Manda Collin’s HEIRESS’S GUIDE TO DECEPTION, give me all the enemies falling in reluctant love with each other.

If you owned a bookstore, what would you call it?

Books-a-MEOWlion. Cat 22. Reading Between the Felines. You get the idea. Cats and books.

What book is at the top of your TBR pile right now?

LUNAR LOVE looks like everything I’m looking for. Representation, food, romance, and did I say food? I’m so excited to dig into that one next.