8 Books to Read if You Loved Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton follows the well-to-do Bridgerton family as each of the eight children try their hand at finding true love in Regency era English society. Season one debuted in 2020 and followed Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter, as she stepped out into the marriage market looking for a relationship like the one her parents share. What follows is a blossoming love affair with a Duke, a few steamy scenes and a gossip column written by a mysterious Lady Whistledown whose writing puts Gossip Girl to shame.

Before we follow the journey of the next Bridgerton sibling in season two, check out these related reads that include regal romances that will make you blush and books that take a look past the throne and at the lives of real-life royals past and present.

Former lovers become reluctant allies in this delightfully witty historical rom-com from the bestselling author of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem—for fans of Evie Dunmore, Enola Holmes, and Netflix’s Bridgerton! England, 1867: As half of the writing duo behind England’s most infamous crime column, Miss Caroline Hardcastle has quite the scandalous reputation. After Caro’s dear friend is kidnapped, however, she has no choice but to work with Lord Valentine Thorn, the same man who broke her heart . . . but can she trust Val to stand by her? Or will their past repeat itself?

Fans of Bridgerton will love this “delightful” Regency romp (Julia QuinnNew York Times bestselling author​) named one of the best romances of the year by Entertainment Weekly. As a master of disguise, Thomasina Wynchester can be a polite young lady—or a bawdy old man. But when Tommy’s beautiful new client turns out to be the highborn lady she’s secretly smitten with, more than her mission is at stake. Bluestocking Miss Philippa York doesn’t believe in love. So she’s delighted to discover the clever, charming baron at her side is in fact a woman. But as she and Tommy grow closer and the stakes of their discovery higher, more than just their hearts are at risk.

The New York Times bestselling biography of Meghan Markle, the American actress who won Prince Harry’s heart. Women who smash the royal mold have always fascinated the public, from Grace Kelly to Princess Diana. Now acclaimed royal biographer Andrew Morton, the New York Times bestselling author of Diana: Her True Story, brings us a revealing, juicy, and inspiring look at Meghan Markle, the confident and charismatic duchess whose warm and affectionate engagement interview won the hearts of the world. Morton introduces us to the real Meghan as he reflects on the impact that she has already had on the rigid traditions of the House of Windsor, as well as what the future might hold.

Discover a feminist pop history that looks beyond the Ton and Jane Austen to highlight the Regency women who succeeded on their own terms and were largely lost to history — until now. Regency England is a world immortalized by Jane Austen and Lord Byron in their beloved novels and poems. But there are hundreds of fascinating women who don’t fit history books limited perception of what was historically accurate for early 19th century England. As one of the owners of the successful romance-only bookstore The Ripped Bodice, Bea Koch has had a front row seat to controversies surrounding what is accepted as “historically accurate” for the wildly popular period. In Mad and Bad, we look beyond popular perception of the Regency into the even more vibrant, diverse, and fascinating historical truth.

In this whirlwind regency romance, perfect for fans of Netflix’s Bridgerton, a near-death experience leads to a marriage of convenience for two unsuspecting strangers, but will their unusual meeting lead them to true love? Lady Amelia was raised to be the perfect duchess, accomplished in embroidery, floral arrangement, and managing a massive household. But when an innocent mistake forces her and the uncouth, untitled Benedict Asterly into a marriage of convenience, all her training appears to be for naught. Even worse, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man no finishing school could have prepared her for.

A stunning historical romance debut, where a wary wallflower enters a fake engagement with one of London’s most eligible bachelors. William Atherton, Earl of Norwood, is as shocked as the rest of London to discover his betrothal via an announcement in the morning paper. Furious at what appears to be a shrewd marriage trap, William tracks down his alleged fiancée before her plans can affect his campaign for a coveted political post. Miss Charlotte Hurst may be a wallflower, but she’s no shrinking violet. She would never attempt such an underhanded scheme, especially not with a man as haughty or sought-after as Norwood. Yet his suggestion to play along with the betrothal has its merits . . . and the longer they pretend, the more undeniably real their feelings become. But when the true culprit behind their engagement is revealed, can their newfound happiness survive the scandal?

From the line of succession to the Queen’s corgis, this charming book is a perfect primer on the fascinating world of British royalty. Full of fun facts and surprising stories to delight longtime enthusiasts and new fans alike, This Is a Book for People Who Love the Royals digs into all of the aspects of everyone’s favorite monarchy. Uncover the history of British royalty and answers to common questions — like how royal titles work, who is in the line of succession, and why the guards at Buckingham Palace never smile — as well as deep dives into fashion, jewelry, and other palace perks.

YOUNG HOT ROYALS profiles the top twenty royals tearing up the party scene, falling in (and out of) love, globe-trotting on never-ending vacations, popping $10,000 bottles of Champagne, owning VIP rooms, dripping in family jewels, and using their titles for the ultimate entitlement. William is married, three kids, bald and boring. Harry, no longer an official royal, self-exiled, settled. So…where do we go for our royal fix of young, rich, debauched, monarchical hotness? All over the world, it turns out. In a detailed and dishy new book, YOUNG HOT ROYALS looks at the top 20 royals tearing up the party scene. From British headline-grabbers like Princess Eugenie and her sister, Princess Beatrice, to Austrian car racer Prince Ferdinand von Habsburg, to Grecian super-socialite Princess Maria Olympia, YOUNG HOT ROYALS is gossip fodder at its finest, with every society ball, scandalous relationship, and splashy wedding laid bare.