This is a Sticker Book for People Who Love Tattoos

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By Verena Hutter

Illustrated by Eric Hinkley

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$31.00 CAD

Flash your ink with this deluxe sticker book of tattoo designs! 

From hearts and daggers to ships and lighthouses, hundreds of tattoo designs in the American traditional style fill the pages of This is a Sticker Book for People Who Love Tattoos
  • Deluxe hardcover book with 225+ stickers. Inside this brightly colored book you'll find classic tattoo designs in all shapes and sizes
  • Three sheets of alphabet stickers. Create your own custom letterine. 
  • Includes blank pages for drawing and stickering. At the back of your sticker book, find blank pages for designing your own tattoos, doodling, or creating your own flash sheet with a custom arrangement of stickers


On Sale
May 7, 2024
Page Count
128 pages
RP Studio

Verena Hutter

About the Author

Verena Hutter is a writer, educator, editor, and lover of cats and dogs. She hails from Germany, and came to Portland, Oregon, by way of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Minnesota, California (where she received a PhD), and Indiana. Her interests include literature, pop culture, Oceania, and, of course, tattoos.

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