This is a Book for People Who Love Tattoos


By Verena Hutter

Illustrated by Eric Hinkley

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Journey from ink to skin with This Is a Book for People Who Love Tattoos, a glorious full-color celebration of the history and craft of tattooing.

From the earliest known origins of tattooing to the latest trends, this gorgeously illustrated guide offers a deep look at the culture of American Traditional style tattoos. Tattoo aficionado and historian Verena Hutter profiles not just the key tattoo artists who inspired the style, such as Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, and Dainty Dottie, but also the meanings and origins behind some of the most iconic designs found in tattoo shops across the globe She traces the indelible “I love Mom” tattoo back to a 19th-century folk song sung by Irish sailors and reveals the significance of eagles, skulls, horseshoes, lighthouses, and dozens of other designs. This Is a Book for People Who Love Tattoos will inspire your next tattoo session while celebrating the rich history of the craft. 


  • “Hutter illustrates the expansive and intersecting histories of tattoo styles in a way that recognizes social, cultural, and historical differences while foregrounding how tattoo artists 'are part of a long tradition of misfits, craftspeople, storytellers, artists, and visionaries' . . . [This book will] encourage new ways of thinking about the stories people tell with their skin.”
    Emily Bowles, Library Journal

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May 7, 2024
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120 pages
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Verena Hutter

About the Author

Verena Hutter is a writer, educator, editor, and lover of cats and dogs. She hails from Germany, and came to Portland, Oregon, by way of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Minnesota, California (where she received a PhD), and Indiana. Her interests include literature, pop culture, Oceania, and, of course, tattoos.

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