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Living Candida-Free

100 Recipes and a 3-Stage Program to Restore Your Health and Vitality

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Jan 27, 2015

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An expansive, programmatic approach to following an anti-candida diet, featuring practical and realistic strategies and 100 vegan recipes.

A type of yeast that grows in the human body, candida’s overgrowth is at the root of health problems, from chronic fatigue and digestion disorders to skin conditions and allergies; health professionals are calling it a hidden epidemic. Living Candida-Free offers a complete exploration of this condition and an expansive approach for anyone wishing to follow an anti-candida diet. A comprehensive guidebook filled with practical, realistic strategies for living a life free of refined sugar, Living Candida-Free includes:

  • A three-stage program
  • Tips on how to transition to eating the anti-candida way
  • Information on herbal supplements and treatments
  • A full list of ingredient substitutions
  • 100 delicious, satisfying recipes that anyone can prepare

What's Inside

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"The recipes are so incredibly delicious you won't even realize you're following an elimination diet!...The star of this book is the meal plans and recipes. Ricki is one of the most talented gluten-free, vegan recipe developers out there. Her recipes are always delicious and nutritious, and really simple."—The Blender Girl
"[Heller] provides in-depth information about and recipes tailored for the particular anti-candida diet she prescribes...The recipes cover a lot of territory."
Portland Press Herald
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