Herbal Activities for Kids

50 Nature Crafts, Recipes, and Garden Projects

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By Molly Meehan Brown

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A rich, colorful compendium of crafts, cooking, gardening, and nature exploration activities introduces kids ages 7 and up to the versatility and creative fun of working and playing with herbs.

From dandelions to lavender, chamomile, turmeric, and lemon balm, herbs include a wonderfully diverse range of plants for crafting, cooking, and gardening. Kids will love exploring the world of herbs with this lively and colorful collection of 50 nature-based activities created by Molly Meehan Brown and the global community of herbalists who contribute to the Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center. Filled with photos and the whimsical art of Madison Safer, this eclectic and colorful compilation volume features easy-to-follow projects that engage all five senses. There are activities for different ages and interests, including how to make a pressed flower and herb collage, tie-dye fabric with turmeric, make elderberry syrup, plant a pollinator garden, make wild berry crumble, craft an herbal wreath or a pine needle basket, write a nature haiku, make lemon balm lip balm, and more. With bits of lore about herbs and herbalism sprinkled throughout, this is the perfect introduction to the versatility and usefulness of herbs for kids ages 7 and up.


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Aug 6, 2024
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Molly Meehan Brown

About the Author

Molly Meehan Brown is the creator of Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center based in Maryland and Costa Rica as well as KidsHerbalism.com. Meehan Brown has twenty years’ experience as an herbalist and has curated herbal educational activities for youth at the Chesapeake Herb Gathering, through Herb Camps for Kids, and has developed numerous other herbal projects and experiences for kids in her community. 

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