Il Dolce Far Niente

The Italian Way of Summer


By Lucy Laucht

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This book is a gorgeous, photographic ode to the magic of southern coastal Italy in the summer by renowned travel, fashion, and lifestyle photographer Lucy Laucht.

A languorous August afternoon. That brilliant light and those impossible Mediterranean blues. The touch of sun on hot skin. And everywhere, the sounds of laughter and lighthearted conversation. Captured by photographer Lucy Laucht, these lyrical scenes of Naples, Ischia, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Puglia, Sicily, and the Aeolian and Egadi Islands are an ode to the Italian way of summer and that distinctly Italian art of sweet idleness.


  • Nobody captures the Italian sunlight the way Lucy does—her images are transporting. There's a soulfulness and a depth in her work that really gets at the essence of this beautiful country.

    Yolanda Edwards, founder and editor of Yolo Journal
  • "Lucy has a great eye for finding style where it naturally exists. Il Dolce Far Niente is a celebration of the inherent beauty of coastal Italy and its people - and of the Italian way of enjoying summer. This is not a book of pretentious exclusive hotels and restaurants; rather, it is a complete view of the seaside at its best - including young and old, rich and poor, locals and visitors. Having traveled to the Amalfi Coast in my twenties and visited Puglia just last summer, I’m reminded that there is so much more to see. I must go back. Soon!"

    Amanda Brooks, Founder of Cutter Brooks Shop and Author
  • Ah, Italy in summer—a flirtation between sunbeams and cobblestones, where every gelato cone tells a tale. Lucy Laucht perfectly captures the timeless appeal of a season that dances between lemon groves and secret beaches, laughter and amore.

    Marie-Louise Sciò, CEO & creative director of the Pellicano Hotels group

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Lucy Laucht

About the Author

Lucy Laucht is a photographer devoted to working with natural light. Imbued with a strong sense of story, Lucy’s trans­portive photographs capture the essence of the destinations she visits. Each scene sheds light on the soul of a place and the people who call it home. Lucy lives in Cornwall, England.


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