Chasing Wonder

Small Steps Toward a Life of Big Adventures


By Ginger Stache

Foreword by Joyce Meyer

Read by Ginger Stache

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You weren't born to be like everyone else because God made you to stand out—so use this inspirational book to discover the amazing adventures He has planned for you!

You can certainly survive without adventure—keep your head down and live in your comfort zone, doing only what you must to maintain the day-to-day. But life is meant to be a grand adventure! It should surprise and wow us on a regular basis. The problem is our days are so full of routine, monotony, and fear, that it is easier to stay on that treadmill of boredom than it is to step off into the unknown and discover something wonderful.

Ginger Stache firmly believes that we are at our best when we live with an attitude that life is an adventure—an outlook that sets the stage by believing that every moment has the potential to bring something amazing, a sight to behold, or a lesson to be learned. 

By walking you through her own adventures in Chasing Wonder, you will find the inspiration to begin your own. And what's more, you'll make space for God to move in marvelous and unexpected ways.


  • “Ginger is an engaging storyteller who has done an excellent job sharing the amazing adventures she has had in her life to illustrate her passion for an awareness of the wonder we too often miss. I believe reading her book will give you a new hunger for more adventure in your own life and lead you in practical steps you can take to get there. The book is well written; it will make you laugh in some places and perhaps cry in others. It will also help to bring you closer to God.”
    —Joyce Meyer
  • “The thing I love most about Ginger is that her genuine and kind spirit is always radiating joy. In this book she’ll take you on a journey through her own experiences and teach you how to cultivate a mind-set of adventure and joy in your own life. A fulfilling life of adventure starts with having an identity rooted in Christ, so Ginger not only shares biblical wisdom but also provides practical checklists and tools for you to move towards living a life full of awe and wonder.”
    —Natalie Grant, recording artist
  • “As Jesus followers, we’ve been invited to live an abundant life. Chasing Wonder dares us to step into the fullness of our purpose right where we are. You’ll be inspired and activated to embrace the wonder of a faith-filled life in Christ.”
    —Christine Caine, founder of A21 and Propel Women
  • “This is such an energizing read. With a heart full of wonder, Ginger encourages us to approach life and faith as a grand adventure—embracing all of its beauty and messiness. Chasing Wonder is a joy to journey through and will revitalize so many hearts. If you’re needing a push—or simply permission—to step into a life of heightened faith and adventure, this is the book for you.”
    —Matt and Beth Redman, songwriters-authors
  • “I have always admired Ginger, her ministry, and her way with words. Her book, Chasing Wonder, is just what you need to inspire you, encourage you, and help bring adventure and joy into your everyday life! I highly recommend Ginger’s book and know that God has a message for you through Chasing Wonder.
    —Lisa Osteen Comes, associate pastor, Lakewood Church, and author of You Are Made for More!
  • “Between the overwhelming daily barrage of information from social media, mobile phones, and more, we live in the most distracted and cluttered culture in history—which means there’s never been a more important moment for us to recapture a sense of “wonder” than right now. And that’s exactly why Ginger Stache’s new book, Chasing Wonder: Small Steps toward a Life of Big Adventures, is so important. In this amazing book, you’ll discover how to get back in touch with that magical feeling you felt as a child—the attitude that nothing is impossible and everything is yours for the taking. If your life is growing stale, boring, or if you’ve lost your ability to dream, then this book is for you. Buy it. Read it. The world needs more people who believe.”
    —Phil Cooke, PhD, media producer, filmmaker, and author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do
  • “How many of us might have let our lives settle into the mundane and the routine and then realize we are just a bit bored? Or perhaps if we were honest, we recognize that wrestle with regret. In Chasing Wonder, Ginger Stache challenges us to seek the adventure and to rekindle the wonder. Using her very warm style, she tells stories and offers practical help in reclaiming the life we were created to live.”
    —Holly Wagner, pastor, author, teacher, founder of She Rises
  • “Ginger will inspire all who read this amazing story of her own personal journey not to settle for less than what God has planned for you. I believe you will be deeply moved and stirred to take those small steps of faith that will take you on your own personal adventure in life. As I read Ginger’s words, I felt a deeper passion to take time to love people well so their lives are changed forever.”
    —Nancy Alcorn, founder and president, Mercy Multiplied
  • “We all want to live a life full of joy. Ginger brings joy to whatever she faces in life, and she helps us find the secrets to finding delight in not only the big moments of life but in the everyday and even difficult moments. Her story is amusing and moving, and reading it was a pleasure.”
    —Shelly Meyer, international relations officer, Hand of Hope
  • “Successful media projects are about choosing a story that takes an audience on an unforgettable adventure. It’s called the ‘WOW’ factor. In her remarkable new book, Ginger Stache opens our eyes to understanding how to know and trust God more deeply. God’s story is the biggest ‘WOW’ factor ever, and Chasing Wonder will help guide you into taking the greatest adventure of your life.”
    —Kathleen Cooke, cofounder, Cooke Media Group and The Influence Lab, author of Hope 4 Today: Stay Connected to God in a Distracted Culture
  • “This book does a great job of motivating us all to not settle for anything less than God’s best. Ginger has been a huge blessing to the ministry and our family. She has helped tell the story in amazing ways over the years. I highly encourage you to read Chasing Wonder.”
    —David L. Meyer, CEO, Hand of Hope
  • “In Chasing Wonder, Ginger shows how to ‘stop being prisoners of circumstance.’ If you want to live a life of wonder, she explains how simple it really is. This is a must-read book for everyone, especially if you are (deep down) tired and/or bored.”
    —Pat Bradley, cofounder, Crisis Aid International

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Jun 15, 2021
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Ginger Stache

About the Author

Ginger Stache is an Emmy Award-winning documentarian, writer, and television producer who is just as comfortable in the African bush as she is on a TV set. She has traveled the world sharing stories of amazing people who overcome incredible odds. Ginger loves to uncover of the best in people, the creative approach, beauty in all things, and joy in each day. She is the chief creative officer at Joyce Meyer Ministries, and can be seen on Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life program and hosting Joyce Meyer’s Talk It Out podcast. She is also a mom, an unashamed sci-fi nerd, an adventurer, and a leader who believes in the power of compassion, inspiring people, and sharing Jesus by telling great stories. She lives in Missouri with her husband and one small, twitchy puppy. They have two beautiful grown daughters and two spectacular grandchildren. Keep up with Ginger’s adventures by following her on Instagram and Facebook @gingerlstache and her website:

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